coming full circle..end is it..or begining..?

Posted: October 30, 2006 in Entertainment, Literature, Ramblings...
Now is new.. a fresh page..
white.. pure..
innocent.. from the history of this world..
.. just light…

smells the way babies smell.. angelic.. sweet to taste..
..cream.. milk.. like every new begining.. dawning of a new day..
..the sun paints the sand in gold hues as the surf returns to the sea..
like a green sprout.. yet to blossom into a paradisial fruit.. rich in nectar..

a mountain to be climbed..
..finally conquered.. standing on the mountaintop.. centered..
as light spreads from the heart to dance midst all creation..
like the early morning bird song.. soothing .. divine..
.. and now ive gone and tainted it by my pathetic handwriting..
to dampen its blinding whiteness.. that steals ones sight..
.. that one may be able to witness .. the brilliance of emptiness..


im sorry u’ll have 2 do without photos for now..
love and light..



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