ramblings of a stripping mind.. pt. viii

Posted: November 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

i wake from my dream

or is it nightmare

to find you

as beautiful as a dream come true

or is it nightmare

touch me at my moment of need

and all of a sudden

the world is within reach

music is in the air

though no words are spoken

no words are needed

words betray who we are

what we’ve seen

things we may not be

totally proud of

but they are things

that make us who we are

they communicate the life

that pulses within us

and though we may have known

each other as lovers once

we share no stories

no solemn truths

except the beauty of feelings

veiled behind a mask of silence

we may have been lovers once

but we made some silent oath

to remain strangers

how sad it must be

for us to know each other so well

yet to never have known

each other at all


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