ramblings of a stripping mind.. pt. x

Posted: November 7, 2006 in Uncategorized

2months minus 5days

Lord I burn.. My tears hot like a never ending stream leave grooves on my withered face.. I am not ashamed to cry.. Even midst these so called criminals.. I flow.. As my tears wash me from my sins and soothe partly my burning still.. Though darkness surrounds.. Secretly my candle still burns.. Though body maybe confined in a cell with another 46 vessels.. Yet my soul, spirit, mind remain free to fly to soar.. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.. This fire breathing dragon has tamed the coals in his eyes and in their place pearls reside.. His fiery breath now sweet scented breeze.. No blame remains.. Lord carry my family through.. Lord set this vessel free and aid its wine to flow.. I am poorest of the poor..begging at my door..that I may open and allow myself inside..to weep and cry..to laugh in joy..to attempt to try..to count the stars and walk in your shadow of blinding light..



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