9 days to go.. or is it stay

Posted: December 19, 2006 in Uncategorized
ok.. zero kills up till now.. though in many ways its all but ok.. its 1.25 and im still in bed.. glass of omar khayyam.. stolen copy of ego [ printed but inacessiblr due to money/censorship/ whatever excuse for not allowing it to hit the stands.. looks good.. paranormal was a good choice for the theme.. the zar photoessay was brilliant..thanx hussein.. now where was i.. yes in bed.. and just wondering where wisdom lies in the situaations that are ever-changing.. well the band i used to manage [lol] thats over.. so thats energy spent..maybe could do something with that.. at least i got offered LE 1500 for each of the 2 originals i wrote.. i ofcourse refused.. i would have given them for free.. but dont u just hate it when you undertake an endeavour as a labor of love only to find people throwing numbers in your face.. wish them [vybe] the best.. they’re talented.. its a shame if they allow that to go to waste.. ‘
should be off to interview ammar of the cjc later.. bahaa’s stalling with the camera ..guess i’ll use fattema’s mini dv and use stills for images till bahaa comes through.. gotta keep arhythm going.. or else one may be inviting the wrong energies.. the 28th.. in many ways whatever may be it should bring peace.. being the final retrial and all.. so at least good be the results or not.. i’ll have this weight off my shoulders.. if not on the 28th.. then 2.5 years later when the 6 year sentence is complete.. i am already free.. the world just needs to realign itself to that truth.. i am i .. and i refuse to break.. no matter what is thrown at me.. and be that day, when this mountain is off my chest or this blade be lifted from my neck, be that the 28th or a couple of years later.. is besides the point.. in 9 days i get to know when i can breathe again since this whole thing started in 99.. i have been holding on to my roots for so long now.. afraid to allow them to grow.. not knowing where to call home.. or if i can afford to live that dream.. a refugee.. in his own country.. its not easy.. but i guess its part of the package..
if anyone who ever knew me is actually reading this.. then forgive me if i have ever wronged you.. or you think i did.. i do not wish to leave with any outstanding debts..

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