4 days..

Posted: December 23, 2006 in Uncategorized
what can i write.. that i feel so hollow.. blackhole black.. think that was the name of the tattoo ink i was using for shahe’s outline last night.. it was my first time using a tattoo machine.. still going over an existing one.. but its already nothng like the original and to quote shahe.. ‘i likes’.. sunday or is it monday i get mine.. what’s it going to be? this’ll be sweet.. it’ll come when the time is right.. feel better already.. breathe again.. its strange to speak my mind.. its strange to whine unrelentessly.. its also painful not to say a damn thing.. im sitting here discussing hash and the riual that was and has now become which is really a pretext for everychange egypt has gone through in the past half acentury to say the least..
things are not always as they may appear to be..
and keeping still amidst the chaos.. ‘stay sane in the killing fields’ i remember someone saying as we parted..
dio or deva
rebirth reevolution revivication
how can that go into a drawing.. maybe i’ll just have a point.. or an arrow saying ‘its all there.. just that you cant see it’..
or something..

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