to whom it may concern..

Posted: December 27, 2006 in Uncategorized

Less than 24 hours now.. Interesting.. Though my stomach heaves and churns.. I hold it down with omar el khayyam, shahrazad and doesn’t really help.. Nothing can slow you down at such a time.. You may get to sleep every now and then.. But waking hours are to be dreaded.. The thread of apprehension wraps around any trail of thought or stimulus. It is random. It is illogical. It is relentless. Hell. Then you try.. And you can.. For a lucid moment.. Breathe. And be still. Shhhhhhhh..

You can almost hear the sea.. Or the rolling of earth round its axis…

It’s the mother of all choices.. To be…

Sitting in bed in Gcity ..trying to wrap up what I can from deadlines for ego, don’t want to walk in there without that.. And Thursday at 3pm.. The brainstorming sessions.. Can I make it ? A seed strewn across the dividing line of time.. Praying it finds fertile ground on the other side of the border.. That it may live.. That it may grow.. In the light of the Sun.. in the order of Heaven’s decree…


10.11 am . 27.12.06


will it rain 2morrow ?

12.43 pm

don’t we all deserve a home where we can feel safe ?


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