Al Moezz…

Posted: January 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

Now that I may stand a chance to exist outside, yet that is never secure unless decreed, I am beginning to see this whole experience in a light that resides in an area with a little measure of closure. There is such an ayya that speaks to the sense that ‘ such that ye shall not be happy for what you are blessed with, and not sad for ye have missed’, quite an accomplishment- remaining centered through the constant push/pull, cause and effect ways of life. This was decided before I had the chance to worry about its outcome. Why not accept that truth and truly live free. To neither be happy, nor sad. 7 % smile I think they used to say in chi kung.. Accepting, content- connected.

Waves, of relief, confusion, anticipation, denial, gratitude- but none simply of peace. Al Salam, The Peace- divine name used in the prophetic traditional greeting, the center of all other qualities, or your gateway to further. You try, and try, and try, and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse if you’re lucky, in your lifetime. So catching quite a few, puts it beyond reasonable doubt. Yet, it’s a constant debate ruling self and spirit, and whichever way you swing, will further add nor subtract to the total plan that is one, as is the decreed pool of what is. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only shifted from one form to another- perceivably.

So up until the 22. 2.07 it should be a time of focus and direction, and hopefully build-up of momentum, to break through the final film that separates me from the rays of sunshine. That I may see a true light, feel a true warmth. Back to the drawing board. It shall forever be square one.. Both alpha and omega- and therein, somewhere down the middle, lies peace. Rebirth. Redemption.


Tuesday 2.1.07

What is the truth to what we claim to see. Is it what I or you see? Or is it rather the collective experience? And if we are to decide to make the best-informed decisions, then we must listen, to each other , and learn to share. And sacrifice- that’s a good one. What have you sacrificed lately to the greater scheme of things… any good? Could it be that maybe a generation of promising blossoms are putting their energies into not investing any energy in the status quo? a reprimand for being put on hold- unemployed, unsexed, overburdened, and all. Sometimes our government makes us Egyptians feel that we are at blame, for ever existing in the first place. This constant struggle to survive this shantyurbanesque jungle weighs heavily on a day-to day basis, where we move on close to walls, in the fear of the shadows of being persecuted at the next turn. It eats away at the very thread that wraps sanity and humanity tightly. And when common sense and goodness become obsolete, you know what that’s like… take a look outside.





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