ramblings of a stripping mind.. something

Posted: February 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s daunting as it is, attempting to breathe with the 22nd hanging above obstructing your view or connection to the future.. You’re afraid to think that far.. Which may at a time be a defense mechanism, yet can prove to be a very centered approach to life- once the final verdict is announced on the 22nd. Once this seven year old monster that’s been bending my spine in the course of its growth is allowed to disembark.. Leaving only it’s memory, and its marks.

I am grateful for the time I have allowed myself for myself.. Its more than some will ever know.. Yet I am more grateful for this chance.. It’s at the very least a 50/50 chance.. Worst case scenario is that I will be deemed a sad ending to the most bizarre case in Egyptian law. The most I have to look forward to..is the promise of a pretty bare square one.. Splendid..finally something to work with. Without the constant ghost of being whisked away.. Now the only ghosts I need worry about are those of failing myself.

8.59 am




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