less than 24 hours?

Posted: February 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

dunno where to begin.. dunno what can be said on a day like today.. first of all there’s a water outage.. therefore a little stinky.. so thats nice when you decide to face your demons [especially guilt] as you decide to enjoy some ‘time’ with the family.. probably will trek to Ncity to bathe there.. to wash me from my sins and wash my sins of me.. lol.. 22.2.2007.. feels like an important date doesn’t it? how important is it to the grand scheme of things..? zip.. nothing ..nada.. what’s one man’s demise to billions that have no privileges.. rights.. no real chance at life? it’s like being told to build a house and given broken tools.. what’s one man’s redemption in the grand scheme of things..? it is the revival of hope and belief in righteousness.. in love.. in light.. midst all the darkness we perpetuate.. it can be done.. and it will.. one way or the other.. i will make it through.. to greet yOu.. to love yOu.. to bask in yOur warmth and glory..



yOu are ..
every verse of praise..
yOu are ..
yOu are ..
yOu are ..
when everything else..
..is not ..

Islam S. Mohammed

Copyright ©2007 Islam Safiyyudin Mohammed



A Little Seed…

there is a seed of light in every heart..
some cover it with layer after layer of dark
shielding its light from the world
and keeping the light in the world from it
lest they embrace to propel light
to brand evil and unveil its power over
is to feed that seed of light..of good intent
to refrain from one thing that is harmful
is to allow the seed space to grow
to hold fast in what you have sacrificed
is to allow the seed to place its roots
in your heart of hearts
to add sacrifice upon sacrifice and persevere
is to see the seed radiate to a tree of light
that carries the gift of shade and shelter
fruit and seeds to others as well as the self
so that one may grow the most beautiful
of gardens..in their own heart..when in doubt
to whether something is good or bad..look at
the layer its given or its effect on the seed

Islam Safiyyudin Mohammed

Copyright ©2007 Islam Safiyyudin Mohammed



guess my creative streak is suffering today.. all i can muster is copy/pasting these two poems published in 99.. and 2000 .. sometimes it’s nice to visit places where you’ve been.. the warmth is always there.. and sometimes its the ample amount of love we need for closure..

bless you one and all..

wish me divine intervention..

hopes and prayers..



the photo is of a Courthouse in Marango, near Kilimanjaro Kenya

courtesy of H. Mansour


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