Posted: April 9, 2007 in Ramblings...  islam  mohamed ‘’ .. lol
feel like im flying blind.. judged by all.. except for ficas [my baby], who does not seem to care that my bare square 1 is PRETTY bare.. xcept for love and loads of sunshine.. to which i am grateful to god for.. in the forms of karima and nans’ support.. karima, yara, nans and friedrich as of late.. have been my oasis midst the madness.. bless them, my mother who was always the tuffy by my side thru most spots.. she has a heart of gold and i should mention that the only thing keeping me away at the moment is fear that a visit might evoke feelings of guilt for having u live an undesirable experience as i was going thru what i had to.. fear that this potential guilt may set me back at a time when i am in need of an increase of momentum.. so forgive me for staying away.. but patronizing arrogant prick that i am.. i seem to lead the dance as to how lines should be drawn.. and if i feel safer in my bare square 1 than i would in ur house.. then allow me that.. i haven’t had a home in over 7 years.. and i am trying to build one of my own.. might take time, but this is a voyage i’ve already embarked on.. so wish me luck, pray for my sanity and try to stay positive..
God bless one and all..
  1. rachid says:

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    rachid , regards from london.

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