friendly dayz..

Posted: April 21, 2007 in Ramblings..., Society, Travel
hadn’t seen maru for some time.. marwan is like a brother from a diff. mother sort of situation..always a pleasure.. came and checked out my new place and offered help and like i said bro.. had a coffee at adels and we were headed to nasr city.. but decided to attack any fastfood joint in downtown first.. when i chance upon my good friend ibrahim in Tahrir square’s roundabout filming.. with a woman next to him flailing an explanation to an 2ameen shorta, while poiting at a permit to film he was examining in his hand. we turned back, parked and took some photos detailing how many 2ameen shortas it takes to decipher a permit.. apparently the number stands at 3.. ibrahim batout will be releasing his new feature film [his second] soon.. be on the lookout.. if ithaki [his first] and his numerous awards as a jounalistic camera man in warzones are any testimony… should be a good one..

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