Mubarak tick tock

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Journalism, Politics, Ramblings..., Society, Travel
Egypt is falling at the seams. Anticipation of Mubarak’s death and the stress of the unknown is wearing the people, the system, the government thin. Random bizarre ‘freak’ incidents are not unheard of in these turbulent times we live.

Let us consider the options…
First of all the Head of the Peoples’ Assembly Dr.Fathi Sorour will constitutionally succeed Mr. Mubarak till the ‘next president’ takes office, be he of civilian or military background. Of the likely and unlikely candidates, these are my personal favorite scenarios- if out of nothing else, then for the ‘patient nature’ ofc the peoples of Egypt
1. Gamal Mubarak: The son furthers a career of investments- In my opinion Gamal is a great candidate to succeed his father in a progressive move to continue Egypt’s pro-dictate policy. Having grow up in a household privy to the intricacies of the ongoings of policy-making is a distinct advantage. If he should choose to be a good guy no one would be able to pull more off for Egypt.
2. Omar Soleiman: Ghost acquires a body- The mystery miracle-worker, head of secret service and harbinger of peace between warring factions amongst the descendants of Abraham, Omar Soleiman is the perfect candidate for furthering the interests of corporate interests, especially American, in the region.
3. Amr Moussa: Folk hero dethroned- To this day Amr Moussa holds value in the hearts of Egyptians if not Arabs in general. His extradition to handle the ‘honorary’ hem of the Arab League has done more to hurt his illustrious career and exemplary stands than Shaaban’s song. 
The possibility of an unknown Army general or influential ‘middleman’ gaining power is also at hand, though its prospects would be harder to sell to the Egyptian people- who are ‘patient in nature’, but not stupid. And still in the end the saying goes ‘Anything is possible in Egypt’.

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