Man, Media & Machinations

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Culture, Journalism, Politics, Ramblings..., Society

In essence the relationship between the media & the public & the government and how to regulate and with what measure is a question that keeps coming up in time, and short of a revolutionizing of how power is defined and dealt or how facts are reported, the question will probably continue to come up in the future time and time again.

One will always find proponents to too much free speech, as well as too little.

There shall always be the one who wants to shout out something, and there shall always be someone wanting to silence another. In an honest & balanced media, both should have equal opportunity of being heard. That is a fundamental right of free speech enriching most national constitutions.

To our formula there are 3 main vectors: the public, media & the nations or governments which create the conflict and the need to cover up their tracks in the first place. A fourth vector comes into play as well called ‘pressing interests’ which is embodied by corporate, banking, trade & economic strategies for the future as the fundamental relationships that bind nations and therefore publics around the world.

It is an assumption held by most of the public, that when I pay for a media service, I am entering into a contract to keep me, as a member of the public, in the know. I assume that what the paper or network reports, is, to the best of its knowledge, as close to the truth as possible. Yet more and more the public is realizing that when they subscribe to a form of media, they are at best only subscribing to that particular media outlet’s filtration of the facts and figures into their ‘unique blend’ of a story, with the signature graphics, anchors, branding, and narrator’s voice.

And what do I as a member of the public want to be in the know about? Why the state of the world of course! In a competitive and fast-paced world I want to know, not just today’s facts I need tomorrow’s as well. I need as much a head-start as I can get. Cause in a world as fast as we live in, you can get forgotten, trampled under the feet of those evolving on time.

Knowledge is power.

Governments on the other hand, have been known to conduct their affairs in a multi-tiered system of transparency; the higher up in government you are, the more access you have to information. So there is what the public knows and then there are things that emerge only behind closed doors, behind the curtains of power, under the table. This is a concept that the public now has been conditioned to accept as the norm; that like an onion there are many layers to the story and different versions of the same story to be shared with different kinds of people. The public has even learned to accept that some stories they will ultimately never get to learn the truth of what really did happen.

Bring in the fourth vector to our equation, the weight and clout of corporations and large economic bodies- the ‘pressing interests’. These are globally-powerful entities that have contributed to elected officials’ campaigns. In many instances they may even own the media you subscribe to.

With the principle function of media being ‘keeping the public in the know’, this contract becomes corrupted when writers and the media institution’s strategy itself becomes compromised- when it’s function becomes to not keep the public in the know, that facts are reorganized, edited, concealed, while getting the public to instead buy a plausible storyline, or a new legislation or whatever an advertiser is peddling on your media’s pages. This is when the raison d’etre of respected media becomes blemished.

Much of the public in both free and totalitarian states suspects that the media has become in collusion with government in laying down the foundations for radical moves in a covert agenda that the public is not privy to. ‘Playing’ public opinion on critical matters leaves the people at the very least feeling disrespected, mistrustful & vulnerable to the devises of their presumably elected officials. The media has become more the gatekeeper to government and corporate agenda, than the intended independent freestanding observer & reporter.

Knowledge is power. Yet more of the knowledge is obscured, wresting the power from our hands.

A simple computational assumption is ‘Garbage in- Garbage out’, meaning that if erroneous values are fed into an equation, then ultimately the product of the equation will be of no real value in judging the parameters of any given situation. The more garbage the public is fed, the less true power they have in deciding their destinies, in fact robbing the populations of their natural right.

On the flipside one finds growing numbers of elitists who advocate these policies of not allowing the public to choose for itself, arguing that this is in fact to ‘protect the public from itself’, as these elitists continue to reap the rewards of their privileged positions.

The whole crisis stems for a selfish drive to not forgo gain and profit. There are those of us who want to win all the time. They never want to be liable for any decision, no matter the losses. They have instated themselves as our shadow gods and rule us and others through a covert and crafty system that they have positioned in such a way for decades if not millennia, that we now enforce it upon ourselves. For it is ourselves, sons, sisters, fathers and mothers who push the wheel, giving it momentum with every heartbeat.

The only way for you to win all the time is for you to the stack the cards all the time, no matter who is dealing, in other words solicit secret pacts that guarantee you more than your fair share, in fact stealing someone else’s dream.

The result? A giant disconnect has been instated between governments and the governed, ultimately borne of the slicing of the existing hypothetical ‘pie’ of riches and natural resources according to the needs and suggestions of the major corporations; leaving the public feeling- for the lack of a better word- betrayed, in every sector of life.

Education, transparency of statesmen, performance of media, health, insurance, pensions, civil liberties, the right to free speech, the right to peaceful assembly, or even enjoying the privacy and safety of your own home or dominion; the quality of everything has fallen to no ends. Now one has to pay dearly for what not long ago was free and taken for granted as ‘the natural order of things’ or ‘just how things are done’, until we find ourselves today stricken with panic over the possible taxation of the basic necessities of life; like drinking water, air to breathe, the coming carbon tax or cap-n-trade…

Loss of trust in the monetary system as well, and the security money provides is rapidly gaining ground, as well as loss of trust in financial institutions, dissent with Wall St. & Central banks and corporations. People see before their very eyes how they have to bite on the short end of the stick yet again, as the architects of crises, financial and otherwise, lavish in luxuries bought by the peoples’ hard earned cash in the form of tax deductions and swindles.

With technology and connectivity on the rise, and as more people deem it important to search out the truth for themselves, dedicating time and acquiring research skills, independent news sources and research conglomerates are also on the rise and gaining in popularity. No longer is the public taking what they’re being fed by corporate media without question.

The people don’t want a media that lies.. misdirects and misinforms, and rewrites history according to any well-financed whim.. We want to know what they don’t think we can handle, the people want to truly be a part of deciding their fate, their future and that of other humans a world away that know even less of the big picture than we do. Such that they don’t become, by sleight of policy, our victims, unbeknownst to the both of us, so our children don’t grow up hating each other over blood spilt.

Did the Iraq documents released on wikileaks place Americans in an unforeseen danger? Did it endanger troops on the field? The long and short term effects of risk can be argued in trying to pin blame. One thing it did attempt to do however was to share ‘hidden knowledge’ with the American public and the world, in an attempt for all of us to ‘see’ through a situation that is shrouded in secrecy or misinformation . The media and populations usually miss the whole reason why a whistleblower blows the whistle- and that is that the knowledge was weighing in on their conscience in a ‘this can’t be right’ sort of sentiment according to the morals and values they had been brought up on, thus the whistleblower brings that heaviness they witnessed into the public sphere that the public may share the weight of this hidden knowledge.

We have seen what governments, media, corporate and economic interests can produce in an ‘honor system’, where the words you speak as an oath, as a doctor, a soldier, judge, a politician, are your contract to serve and protect the people.

This is not to say that honor and those who value it have become extinct, instead, the public now has an added responsibility to step up and try and rectify a situation gone awry.

At a time when differences, fault lines between the global population are being amplified all over the world; race, faith, nations, can we not evolve past fault and blame? Can we not collectively decide to live tomorrow in a completely different way? Try something different? Than rivalry and bloodshed and giving the people something to worry about constantly?

For governments to perpetuate their current formats and methods of control may stir a confrontation with the public. A media revolution regarding the rise of the human being in value is necessary to avert international and civil unrest and clashes with security.

The people need a global charter they can believe in and learn to trust, as well a global charter for the ethics expressed in media and to combat corruption. The UN charter, the League of Nations, Brentwoods, all exemplify the selective aspects of enforcement and liability at best.

The media needs to be able to sustain that elected officials are indeed representative of the majority of the population, and in fact their efforts fall within a larger domain of international efforts of furthering the interests of man and the quality of human life.

This can occur only through the officials themselves changing their game book, such that they truly immerse themselves primarily at the service of the peoples within a nation and furthermore to the benefit of the human race.

But until such a time, it is up to us to keep trying to bring about change.


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“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” -George Orwell


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