EGYPT CORRUPTION: Youtube Video Exposes Egyptian Government Budget Fraud

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This is the translation/transcript to the statistics MB parliamentarian Ashraf Badr El Din is calling to share with Al Jazeera at an earlier date [last Parliament]




Caller [Ashraf Badr El Din]: The Egyptian government is deceiving the people, the parliament and the international institutions and is giving an untrue picture to the monetary situation in Egypt. The [state] budget legislation states that the budget include ALL income as well as ALL expenditures. The state budget in Egypt instead includes only 20% of Egypt’s total income- which includes taxes, Oil & Gas revenues, revenues of Suez Canal & of economic bodies- amounting to 285 Billion Egyptian Pounds. As for 80% of Egypt’s income, it does not enter into the state budget & instead goes to private coffers whose holdings have reached 1272 Billion EPs. These sums are stripped from the simple citizens through: tickets to enter a hospital, fines, road tariffs, tariffs for drawing up official documents, and other methods. The number of coffers is more than 10,000 ‘boxes’ and each box has its own executive legislation as well as its own Management Council- which receives a percentage of the box’s income. The CAA [Central Auditing Authority] has documented, last year alone, discrepancies amounting to 3995 Million EPs. This is excluding the amounts received by the members of the Management Councils which exceed 100 Billion from the pockets of the poor. Part of this money is spent on congratulations & condolences, bonuses, gifts, buying cars, and redecorating offices of officials. The upcoming budget set to be discussed by parliament in the coming few weeks shows a budget deficit of 187 Billion EPs which will raise the National Debt to more than 1200 Billion Pounds- which will generate an increase through interest by next year amounting to more than 92 Billion Pounds. Are we able to pay off our National Debt immediately? Yes we can. Are we able to double salaries & pensions? Yes we can. Are we able to raise the standards of education, health services, transport, & housing to correspond to world standards? Yes we can. But the government purposely rapes the wealth of the people to the benefit of a few officials who steal millions of pounds daily from the pockets of the poor. This is why elections are fraudulent, wars are waged against invitations for change & reform, and why honorable citizens are arrested. I had suggested a parliamentary probe, which should have been set a discussion date today, but of course there is no way such a probe would ever be looked into. The government is debating a 7% wage increase set for next year, using the excuse of not having the necessary resources, at a time when these ‘boxes’ contain hundreds of billions. There are plots of land that have been given to businessmen for free while they are valued at more than 500 Billion Pounds. Natural gas is exported to Israel & other countries at less than cost price to squander over 100 Billion of Egypt’s wealth. Egyptian Oil has been exported for over 30 years to Israel , since the signing of the Camp David accord, for a fixed price of $6.80/ a barrel. There are outstanding taxes on big businessmen & government newspapers of more than 60 Billion Pounds. This is biggest case of corruption in Egypt’s history & the biggest crime of stealing public funds. The entire Egyptian people should stand shoulder to shoulder for these funds to enter into the state budget and solve all of Egypt’s [economic] troubles immediately. Yet as you & your guest have pointed out these are the policies of the government’s executive bodies & the policies of the legislative bodies to keep the Egyptian people in this circle of poverty with no chance to escape it.

Presenter: Thank you

Caller [Ashraf Badr El Din]: Thank you

Presenter: What do you think of these scary statistics?!


Mubarak: You think I go over every little item? Man, think bigger!



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