#EgyptPolice – Transcript of Video of Beheira Chief of Security Inciting Violence Against Public & Protesters

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are reports that Police Chief of Security for Beheira Governorate – Magdy Abu Qamra- has been isolated from his post [Egyptian TV] while the Ministry of Interior website says he has been moved by the Minister of Interior Mahmud Wagdy…

Below the video frame is the transcript of his enlightened vision for our new Egypt.. [which sounds a lot like the old oppressive security arm defending the corrupt regime]…




Beheira Chief of Security: …Of course all this talk doesn’t faze us..We are back in presence.. we are men and are defending our posts well & no faggot can come near you.. We are [acting] as one man.. one hand.. And we should not listen to their rumors about these Deputies of the Minister [of Interior] are I don’t know what.. All of these are lies.. All of it is lies..  All these rumors are meant for you to think that if the Deputies of the Minister of Interior are being held on trial and I am just a Chief of Security.. ‘why are they being subjected to trials [for carrying out orders]’ then you would say then ‘I should go home then [to stay out of trouble]’ … All of these rumors are meant to .. it is a big plot just for your information & it was meant to empty the [police] precincts & stations as a part of these people’s plot to take over power & authority in the country.. but thank God it wasn’t completed..

[Aide whispers in his ear…]

Beheira Chief of Security: …Of course I know that they are all heroes here.. [meaning that they stood up to the protesters decisively].. So we are all men here.. & we shouldn’t lend an ear to this talk [‘rumors’/news of police being prosecuted for their actions].. And anyone that broke the law we will deal with.. anyone that made a mistake will get punished and anybody who made a mistake we will take legal action against them & put them in jail.

He who lays a finger [of the public]on his master [the police] then he should get beaten with shoes.. he should have his hand cut off! And we [the police] are their masters and we are security and we are safety.. and we are the ones who protect them.. And the people they were all crying [when the police disappeared] praying to God for us to come back because of what they went through.. Of course they saw very grim days [when police disappeared & left the burden of security to the citizens] of course they came to realize our value.. and we possess a [great] value, weight and position.. and all these people cannot survive without your walking [patrolling] the streets you & you just so you would know.. but we are just dealing with people out of our kindness.. and with good relations.. and dealing with the ordinary citizen has to be..

Aide: The good citizen..

Beheira Chief of Security: Yes they understand when I say the ordinary citizen [meaning non-protesters] but of course those deviant characters [protesters] there’s a special way of dealing with them.. We should unite as one arm and carry out our duties & not listen to this talk.. as this talk carries no weight with us & has no bearing on us.. And keep strong..

Aide: The Chief did something today that I want to share with you so you could all learn from it.. we all learn from the Chief… At a bank in Damanhour there was a citizen who wasn’t able to withdraw money from the bank & was in need of money.. so the chief gave him money from his own pocket.. Why? He said that this is so ‘when he sees youth that are chanting/protesting then he would throw stones at them instead of throwing stones at us’!.. This coming phase we need closure with the ‘good’ people.. to treat people better .. be less snobby in dealing with them..

Beheira Chief of Security: What happened has harmed the poor.. it was the poor that suffered more..

Aide: So what we want is for people instead of siding with them [pro-democracy protesters] then they should side with us [the police].. Isn’t that the case?

Beheira Chief of Security: So things are good & secure and there is nothing wrong.. we are in our places performing our duties.. So anyone need anything?

Crowd: May God give you long life ya basha..

Beheira Chief of Security: Salamu Aleikum


And still the saga of oppressive security forces that defend the corrupt regime & status quo continues…




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