Below the video frame is the transcript for this Egyptian baker’s views on the ‘Friday of Purging’ – the millions march last Friday the 25th of Feb to rid Egypt of its corrupt officials & the Government instated by Mubarak shortly before he left, headed by Prime Minster Ahmed Shafiq…

Frame 1 : Opinions of the Egyptian People – Friday of Purging 25-02-11
[millions took to the street hoping to topple the Prime Minister appointed by Mubarak- Ahmed Shafiq]

Frame 2: The Well-Versed Baker [an allusion to the Arabic phrase used to describe the angry critical letters of Ancient Egypt farmer Heqanakhte- abundant in advanced rhetoric criticizing the status quo in seats of power in Ancient Egypt]

Speaker: I want to say that Mubarak’s regime was not a snake-like regime that ceases to exist once its head is cut off. In fact Mubarak’s regime was more cancer-like with its malignant cells spread over the body of this great homeland. As such what is the meaning of disassembling both Shaab & Shura Councils [2 parliamentary bodies existing in Egypt] consisting of 900 members when at the same time you leave 52,000 members of Local Councils Majales Mahaliyya? [allusion to the ineffective ‘corrective’ actions undertaken by the High Military Council, HMC]. It is a cancerous network. What is the meaning of dismissing the Minister of Managment Development or Local Development, when I leave 29 Governors, 29 General Secretaries, 29 Assistant Secretaries and 29 Chiefs of Security?? They are all malignant cells. As for [the HMC] using time as an excuse, we said that this has happened all over the world before, Egypt is no special case; it’s happened in Ukraine, it happened in Chile when they toppled Pinochet.
As for whether or not Shafiq [the Prime Minister appointed by Mubarak before he stepped down] is respectable or not, we should mature from the stage of talking about certain individuals or personas, nonetheless you cannot tell me that just because Shafiq successfully managed [Cairo] Airport, then he is capable of managing the affairs of a great people! This is a rhetoric that you can address imbeciles with.. This is a rhetoric that is totally refused by the greatest aware peoples [Egyptians]. The Egyptian People have the world’s greatest awareness and they refuse this logic. If Egypt has a good [functional] airport, then the Saudi Kingdom has a good airport, and the Emirates [UAE] has good airports as well. If [PM] Shafiq by producing a good [functional] airport is able to rule Egypt, then what shall I say about the creator of the airport in Frankfurt, do we allow him to reign over the world? The creator of Heathrow? Does he rule the world? And the man behind Emirates airlines, one of the finest in the world, do we allow him to rule the world?! This is a weak & dumb logic.
And I once again repeat that if we at a point in time ‘consumed’ [put up with] a state of Individual Dictatorship, this in no way means that we will now substitute it with the dictatorship of the High Military Council.. it’s enough..

Questioner [interrupts]: Can I just ask, where were you at the time of the revolution? Where you in the square [Tahrir]?.. or somewhere else?…

Bakerman: I was in the square on intervals.. I own a bakery so I used to go and defend and protect my place and then come back [as police opened the jails & released the prisoners on the 28th & 29th & disappeared from the streets, and only lately have started trickling back to assuming some of their duties so for the first few nights the whole responsibility of security fell upon citizens & neighborhood watches until the army had spread enough to assume a share of this responsibility] ..

Questioner: So in your opinion the revolution cannot rest yet.. it has to go on & continue?..

Bakerman: This great people possess a great heritage [as well].. your great people at the time of the 1919 revolution stayed on the streets for two years. The fruits of the 1919 revolution were revealed in 1923 by the unveiling of one of the world’s greatest constitutions. So just to revert to what they use to distract the people from the issue of our constitution.. The constitution that they used to rule Egypt was created in 1971. And constitutions are based on a document called the Constitutional Bill [Wathiqat Al Dustur] which is formulated by all sectors of society and in the people’s name and addresses supreme aspirations. Who said great nations have written constitutions? England has no written constitution- this is used to mislead.

Constitutions are set to protect the rights of the people from their governments and are not placed to allow the president and the government to oppress the people. These filthy ideas have to disappear as they do not suit Egypt. I personally consider Egypt both geographically & historically as a superpower. The whole world’s disturbance in reaction to the revolution in Egypt has not happened in any previous revolution and this is due to its [strategic] position.
Simply the way Ahmed Shafiq sat facing David Cameron in such a cheap & submissive posture two days ago is reminiscent of the way Mubarak used to sit facing Obama with Obama crossing his legs [considered a sign of disrespect in Arabian tradition] as Mubarak sits in utter obedience.. well David Cameron just two days ago was sitting cross-legged as Shafiq sat in utter obedience. My Sir you are the greater one here! If you are not able to represent the greater nation then you should resign. And if you are asking whether or not he is a respectable man- I do not believe he has done as much as Charles de Gaulle did for France. When the French youth in 1968, decided to purge corruption, he respected the wishes of his people. He resorted to a referendum managed by an impartial & independent council. And when Charles de Gaulle saw that he was in the way of the people, he stepped down & resigned [following the rejection of his plans for improvement in the Senate & local governments in a nationwide referendum]- he respected the will of the people. And when de Gaulle passed away in ’69 [actually Nov 9th 1970] it was natural for Georges Pompidou to say “Now that de Gaulle has passed France has become a widow”. The respectable ones are those who respect the will of the people.
To the High Military Council, we do not want to move from an individual’s dictatorship to the dictate of a military council. To enforce these 6 months [of HMC control] without employing transparency, is a dictate we do not understand. We need for all things to become transparent. This move of closing some jail cells while opening other cells is an action we do not understand.. Before [the revolution] jail cells were open to all the honorable people..

Who said that Safwat El Sherif is honorable? [previous General Secretary of the NDP] Who said that Fathi Sorrour is honorable? [previous Head of Peoples’ Assembly] Who said that Zakaria Azmi is honorable? [previous Presidential Aide] Who said that Mohamed Abul Enein is honorable? [Member of Parliament & owner of biggest ceramic factories in Arab world] Who said that Hassan Rateb is honorable? [businessman & owner of Mehwar TV channel used to spread a lot of misinformation/pro-government propaganda during the first weeks of the revolution] Who said that Kamel Abu Ali is honorable? [businessman, producer & president of Al Masry Football club] Who said Mohamed El Messelhy is honorable? [previous member of parliament, businessman & president of El Ittihad club] Who said.. who said .. who said… ? And if I am wrongfully accusing all of those then we need to have an independent trial observed by just judges! Who said that Mamduh Marei [Minister of Justice] or Abdel Migueed Mahmud [District Attorney] are fit to judge their colleagues of yesterday?! Where is [HH Judge] Hesham El Bastawissy? Where is [HH Judge] Zakaria Abulaziz? And where is [HH Judge] Mohamed Qonsowa?!
I thank the High Military Council & appreciate their efforts but I have to tell them you are not Egypt’s Army.. you are the Army of the People of Egypt.. you are the Egyptian People’s Army! You are all Egyptians! Thank God we have not stooped so low as to become mercenaries and neither has Egypt fallen that low. Egypt is the greatest historically and most powerful geographically.. Glory is to the people & shame to dictatorships. No one man holds the absolute truth, thus it should not be in the power of an individual or a group to force their opinions on a whole nation! The respect awarded to the people is the preface to culture & civilization. And Egypt is rising regardless. I give my blood to this pure land so that flowers will blossom for my children to delight in.. Asalamu Alaikum




I love Egypt. I love this land.
There’s something about it that I won’t even try to put to words.
..the early mornings
the bustling days
the nights…

It’s all that.


small quirks
prayer & roar of the crowds which wins us Nations’ Cups..


Don’t get me wrong I’m just another one in the crowd that’s been done injustice at the hands of his beloved. And also like most of these crowds i stayed. We endured holding a silent truth in our hearts, until the time came.. to voice our belief that things don’t have to be this way anymore. Ever again.
It was very special hearts that came together for Egypt, at a very special time for Egypt. They stood their ground and believed in the face of everything. Whether you were in Tahrir, worried at home or sympathizing half a world away.. It meant something, it all added up.

Thank you : )

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