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At some point we have to realize and admit that the counter-force to the revolution has been methodical, calculated yet sociopathic, relentless, and hard to give up any ground.


They sure take their time before conceding to deliver the inevitable, and when it’s time, things start happening in record time.


Admit that the counter-force to the revolution still in a major way controls the media, though some independent voices are gaining a following in the generally educated classes.


Security Forces of any sort are still showing strong representation by influential old regime elements, and worse still they have banded up.


Even intelligent voices have been known to falter and break rank in numerous stations, lately of which, is the matter of the martyred ‘uniformed’ Army Officers and civilians at the twilight of April 9th.


These voices suggest that these officers should have joined Tahrir out of uniform, that their attendance and agenda was considered mutiny by military law punishable by death. To them it’s nice to point out that just like every sector of Egypt, the Armed Forces has given children to sacrifice in the quest for a new Egypt.


But I also remind them that they say they uphold human rights and ask them if this is their contribution to our new Egypt? Killings & executions?


At a time when all real pre-Jan 25 written laws have fallen, and what truly governs is popular consensus it was clear that the Tahrir protesters had sympathized with the protesting Army Officers’ bravery to speak up against corruption in the military institution, despite the known military laws.


Such the Supreme Armed Forces Council [I like this acronym best SAFC, as it reminds me that they chose to ‘spill’ the blood of our brothers] was totally in breach of human rights in the way they chose to handle the situation against unarmed, peaceful protesters.


Even if their claims of corruption are poison coated in sugar, why kill? Your hero sons & daughters? Do you want a nation without heroes to rule?


Why are you constantly trying to slam the breaks on our dreams?


It stands to reason that if enough got behind something it will happen; people focused entirely on development will see to it that wheels turn & lights go on.  Instead of constantly being distracted by the counter-force’s attempts to divide and side-track our collective drive, while terrorizing us and trying to spread the image of chaos both locally & internationally. To somehow imply that we are incapable. Ridiculous. Of course some of us don’t know. May be even the majority. But I’m sure that deep down inside most of them want to learn. Because deep down inside I believe that they want their children to live free, with real opportunities in life. And with dignity and culture and heritage.


If it’s one thing that Egyptians have had instilled in them by their rulers, it is fear. Our politicians have been ever so creative in introducing new threats through their policies to later promise to try & protect us from. If we want to change Egypt, we have to change ourselves. The first thing that has to go is fear. Followed by communication. We found our true forum or senate in Tahrir. Let the knowledgeable quench the knowledge-thirsty. Without agendas or selfish reasons. Without discrimination. Man, woman, child. You don’t know who it will be climbing that final rung in the ladder to light the torch of freedom. Like Bouazizi did. So don’t discriminate. It says so in the Qoran, it says so in the Bible, it says so in every peace-loving, life-respecting heart.
And open up for change. No matter how scary it may seem.


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