Summer of Love

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized



With the obvious inadequacy of the SAFC and as the time for it’s declared ‘ride in power’ comes closer to its end, more and more people are starting to express their dissatisfaction to how the SAFC killed the revolution, and all the dreams they had for it. And in such record time- 4 months is all the SAFC needed to fully stupefy the Egyptian people into this jarred brain-freeze existence.

Of course they had help, from the Salafis, the baltagiyyas, Abeer and Kamilia, conflicting media reports, anti-protest laws and frank thuggish intimidation, arbitrary detentions, rulings and sentences, we all can pretty much come up with our own list with many common elements..

But one thing the SAFC may not have factored in, is Egypt’s youth- tech savvy and sad to miss out on all the fun, many Egyptian students are returning to Egypt in the summer, and full of a renewed and youthful energy, it will be easier to rally up numbers against injustice.

So I reckon… expect a summer of love to follow the spring of democracy 

30th Anniv. '97 - 44th Anniv. '11


we just want peace


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