Like Mubarak said: Think Bigger

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

These are hard times for the revolution. With no ‘one’ having any legitimacy to speak up for us and become our spokesman, we continue to shed ground to the counter-forces- who have now organized to spawn a new breed of baltagiyyas dispersed both by the side of the violently-able cops, and interspersed between the protesters to wreak havoc and try and discredit our intentions and objectives.

Despite our differing views and preferences, this IS the time to transcend all that shit and grow up and try to save the future of our children. That they dont become even more so the slaves we already are. I bet the first slave situation had 3 players: the colonist, the slave, and his countryman that grew fat off the deal.

Why not form a Nour-Baradei-Moussa coalition if that’s the widest base? Form a true melting pot for policies, ideas, visions, and projects… Place the best foundation available to use instead of warring against each other or who’s name appears first in the credits. If you don’t care for the above, then choose someone else, any one, but choose. And let your choice be heard and noted. And all our choices should pool into one driving force, one vector, one visionary direction to change what we hated about Egypt and keep what we love.

As the longer we dilly-dally, the counter-revolution is getting its shit together and playing a variety of cards simultaneously and continuously. Though I have to say that Farid El Deeb’s well-rehearsed defense on behalf of the Mubaraks takes the cake…

  1. Marwan Karim says:

    You are absolutely correct. Something needs to be done, and quickly. The anti-revolution is exploiting this gap in tangible progress to attempt reversing the course of time, as if there was no revolution. Their efforts will be destined for failure, as are the efforts of the corrupt, the dishonest, and the unjust. God bless Egypt and it’s decent honest modest citizens.

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