Sineyya after the Baltagiyya – Tahrir 3 July

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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entering the roundabout in Tahrir 3 July following the clashes between protesters & peddlers.. counter-revolusion confusion all around.. wake up you farts.. we’ve been finished with the headless chicken routine for some time..

‘sides this is not the time for the good to stand divided…


The man in the opening frames.. does he have less of a right to claim to be Egyptian? Has ‘bayya3 shayy’ become an obscenity..? does that make him a pimp or a pusher? Is justice always going to be only afforded to those in shiny threads and big words? Else don’t blame that kid for using the form of dialogue he knows best when being picked on by an amin shorta, or a thug in the neighborhood, or anyone older than he is…

Revolutionaries have left the midan for some time.. stands to reason that the peddlers and people trying to find some means to support themselves to occupy this ‘spot’ in hope of transient gains.. coz they don’t know how long it’s gonna last..

And in the absence of the culture spread by those who stood side by side in the revolution, the culture that these people know and live everyday is what remains and thus comes forward to claim the spot of those who stood for the revolution.. And what do we do instead of drawing on OUR numbers to remain represented and truly engage in a dialogue and explain why is it that we choose what we choose when faced with certain situations and decisions? We excommunicate them, we shun them, we look down on them.. like things aren’t already hard enough..


I know that there are many hired thugs being interspersed between us to create chaos and discredit us, our intentions, the beauty of the message.. but once we talk about sectioning the ‘true revolutionaries’ and having them pitch their tents in a certain spot, while the ‘others’ can take whatever spot they like… then the rhetoric may very quickly descend to the ‘purity’ of this ideology, or that motive, or somebody’s belief system, or the purity of their blood… sound familiar?

We didn’t abolish Mubarak to discriminate amongst each other.. being aware of the counter-revolution’s attempts to discredit us, should not mean that we should segment ourselves.. judge each other.. place a revolution caste system.. Not at a time when things should be converging

If the general consensus is to start a sit-in on July 8, then fer flip’s sake.. wait to the frikkin 8th! This segmentation in a race to gain cred is ridiculous.. This randomness in focus and motion allows for the counter-revolution to have its way with Tahrir when numbers fall below a certain level.. when representation by a certain class drops below a certain degree..

While all the while the conflicting reports shed doubt on the whole affair and are timed & played very well by the counter revolution to try and crush morale pre-July 8.. taint the picture and instill an initial crack.. so when the moment comes in time the crystal shatters to 90 million little pieces


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