For Your Love: Egypt

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

From Protesting To Policy-Making by Ganzeer & Islam Mohamed


Do you still trust the government, or those who are still floating at the top? pulling all the strings and quashing those who oppose them through farcical trials and trumped-up charges?
Are you still hoping to raise either your hand or your voice high enough with a list of demands that they would listen to? or God forbid, embrace? Do you think they’re even concerned about what ‘we demand’?
Why honor an illegitimate authority placed there by Mubarak himself, one that refuses to honor our demands, listen, or even refrain from all the shit we’re fed up with. Instead they create a fertile ground for counter-revolutionary strategies and situations to thrive.
We should stop giving legitimacy to a goverment and powers that have stopped listening to the people. It’s the people who ARE the omnipresent legitimacy to any governing power at any point in time.
Instead of begging them to hear us out we should instead take our strength from our own numbers, formulate a roadmap for the Egypt we would love to see, and then order these ‘civil servants’ to honor the wishes of the People.
We propose creating a well-rounded questionnaire that covers the majority of our common concerns, and distributing it in Tahrir as an initial mass data collection process to document the major concerns that we as a people stand behind and demand- and thus forming a sound basis for possible policy formulations.
These questionnaires can be distributed to Tahrir-goers as they enter the square, with ballot boxes placed centrally in plain view to deposit your filled out questionnaire. At the end of the day of protest, we would have won more than our angst and dissatisfaction with the powers that be, and would have gained valuable insight that may very well change the course and direction of our revolution.

[Civilian cordons giving out questionnaires.]

[Questionnaire should be articulated and designed in a very simple way.]

[Ballot boxes should be distributed around the square, guarded by individuals and made visible with a powerful fluorescent color and/or visual identity.]

[Transparent ballot boxes made out of tupperware.]


A policy booklet will then be compiled using the data gathered, entirely based on the input of a wide spectrum of Egyptian people who usually show up at Tahrir: different ages, classes, educational backgrounds, cultures, etc. 
And if the concept proves a success, it can be replicated throughout other cities, villages, and towns in Egypt.
Our revolution is not only backed by the voice of dissent & feelings of dissatisfaction, but it is also backed by hardcore knowledge and understanding. This in time will inevitably win more people, who may have not trusted the revolutionaries before, to our just cause.


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