Read the frikkin’ Sign !

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

khalli balak

After an afternoon occupied with military counter-intel rumors of a Tahrir crackdown- which I may have innocently partly contributed to out of fear with my tweet– I was pleasantly surprised last night, as I was leaving Tahrir hugging some ballot-boxes, to chance upon a giant sign, by the circle, made of yellow cloth with black lettering- colors we’ve been conditioned to represent caution [or tow-away zone].

Albeit the guy I stopped to congratulate was a Salafi – [ I have certain reservations about the whole exclusive label thing, it’s like a small group of people in Christianity or any faith forming a VIP Lounge and claiming to be the only-true members of heaven club ]- this man had brought a very important piece of information into the public sphere:


Read the frikkin' Sign


… and …

and …

Masr Muslim Msee7i

Note: Signs in Tahrir are for YOUR benefit. Take the time to learn more about what the people feel powerfully enough about to share. Start discussions. Put up with their rants and be patient to state your point of view. Love them. Share with them. They are the partners of tomorrow.

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