Does there need to be more blood?

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

we all fall down...

It would be unforgivable if SAFC were to spill any more blood to demonstrate power and control. It may throw Egypt into civil war no less. And honestly, I only believe they will resort to that as a self-saving, time-buying stratagem, so they can pull a houdini midst all the confusion, if they feel their survival is at stake.

As for protesters lunging randomly in a bid to up the ante against SAFC- well, let’s just say that their ‘diverse’ interests make it a zero-sum game. For fuck’s sake I don’t want to hear about ‘us getting militant’, or demonstrations of power-crazed lynchings and ‘baltagiyyas’ tied to lamposts. The real kuffar are the tyrants & corrupt. They disbelieved in Egypt & hurt it in every way. Get them. Unite against them, and not some poor, helpless, uneducated, hungry, addicted ‘baltagi’- they don’t have the manpower, or the legal team and funds, to fight back against us.

I know the elation, the ‘high’ of being on Tahrir. Brings to mind that 90s track from Snap ‘I got the Power’. But that’s just it. You don’t have the power, none of us do individually. it is only in our unison behind just demands does this power reside. it’s the power of numbers, and the power of the just.

And another thing a friend voiced today- ‘it’s not a carnaval’, and i totally agree. Every day people spend in Tahrir, you are that more tired, that less focussed, a little more easy to throw off-centre and snap mentally. You are that more desensitized against the stories, pictures of martyrs, the signs. It’s how the media pushed war agendas, to the point where even the horrific images broadcast of atrocities no longer elicit you to stop chewing. Stop consuming.

Stay fresh & keep your clarity, and build step upon step. Reach out to each other in a way that benefits the whole. I’m sure there are people able to take on a teaching role in Tahrir, so why not start a Mahw el Ommeya school- right there in the midan. At the very least we would have given those who choose to sign up, the freedom to choose and the power to reach out to knowledge without an intermediate- usually the government, or anyone that sounds like they know something about the Holy Book. And in the process, learn to see the world through their perspective, their eyes.

I believe if pulled off in an efficient way, people may start coming in droves to win that freedom.


Stay Centered..

Give it to Others..Spread the Love


..and Embrace Diversity

… i just couldn’t resist …


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