Follow the Money Trail, Gravy Train…

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

sound of one coin clapping?

Do you know that Egypt in its current state was obliged to repay a 1 Billion Dollar-debt to the IMF this July 11th? A debt accumulated by a corrupt regime. One that got siphoned away and deposited in Swiss banks- with the same players that lent us the money in the first place.

Though reasons are mounting by the day, you don’t hear anyone calling out for the prosecution of these International Bankers- at least for collusion with Mubarak in ripping off the Egyptian People of their dreams and adding only to their burdens for 30 years. And you don’t hear of these ‘players’ ever coming clean and releasing account details with enough transparency to allow Egyptians to pursue ‘misplaced’ & ‘missappropriated’ funds- basically, our stolen wealth.

The only positive note- finally !- was Samir Radwan’s turning down of the IMF 3 Billion dollar loan after accepting it earlier. But then again that was done just before July 8 sit-in and probably as a PR adjustment campaign in an attempt to diffuse the tension and decrease the number of problems Egyptians have with the system- by one.

Or rather one new one. Enough problems still remain.

And to continue on this positivity that was probably crammed down Radwan’s throat by order of a panicky SAFC, there is more. There is such a thing as an ‘odious debt’ which is basically a national debt incurred by a regime that did not have the nation’s best interest at heart, sound familiar? Moreover, it is a legitimate form of defaulting on a debt that is in accordance with International Law. Chile brought it’s case forward in 2009, and Greece is now forming committees to audit their national debt and recognize which portions of it are ‘odious’. But that can only happen when the stocks of the one currency that Egypt seems to be always short of, start to rise- data. I don’t mean numbers, we were bombarded by numbers all the time; ones to make us believe how much the economy is growing [when it’s only growing in debt, and people are faring worse], or numbers to demonstrate how we were growing in every sector and it was only that the population was growing faster. Up to a point where the People, became the hanger of choice to any failing the ministers had to answer to in parliament.

We now know these numbers were BS.

We need to know the REAL numbers. For the first time ever [probably since the coup d’etat in 52, so the Army could ‘re-divide’ the wealth] let us now audit Egypt, and learn the reality of where we stand.

For if you don’t know where you can you ever hope to get to where you want to go?

keep on keepin on… let’s once more take the fate of the world in our hands with our dreams


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