M-AN AN-TOM ?!!!

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Drunk with power and their white prefect ‘amn’ bands.. terrorizing the peddlers ..and anyone else non-submissive to their authority

Like my friend Zaki exploded in my defense .. ‘shaklak gayy men Lazoghli’ [you must be amn dawla] when in one video the ‘amn’ orders me to stop filming & ‘erase my memory’

There is a definite flaw in Tahrir security & you can accuse me of being floul [how do you spell that?] or any such BS.. but this is a natural recourse of offering up the security of the midan to incognitos.. Whether it be the Counter-Revolution within ourselves taking power from sheer ignorance and basic instincts and never having experienced democracy, or whether it be a counter-revolution from without, fact remains- physical Tahrir needs love today.

Actual Tahrir is in our hearts, wherever we are.

It’s amazing how 20 or so rotten apples and metabelatiyya can defame a whole movement.

Because we refuse to resort to violence.

And that is our most powerful weapon.

E7na mesh shahateen.. if our best at the moment is not good enough, then let us rest, organize and then redeploy with focus. Strategically. Not wear ourselves thin.

Otherwise expect more of the same…

vidz to follow shortly..

5.08 am today

Vendor Evicted…

Explaining the ‘Logic’ of Violence

‘Erase your Memory’

Female vendor was speaking up about them beating her up while ‘evicting’ them.. and Amin Shorta-looking guy calls for people to come see what I’m filming.. trying to start a ruckus directed at me..

Funnily, acting the part to a ‘T’ he asked for my ID.. Funnier still, due to decades of conditioning- I simply slipped it out and handed it over to the douschebag.. simply for calling himself ‘amn’



i stayed next to Zaki for a while.. but honestly i was still in shock, apalled at what some people are capable of for whatever ‘self-righteous’ justification.. i got up and excused myself before my negativity became contagious… yet on my way out i came across some good old fashioned Egyptian humor.. the fuel that kept us going through our tears & loss.. Egyptians are simply amazing.

marra magles mabye3rafsh rekeb thawra : )


Mubarak & Posse - Shurafaa Tahn






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