Before Abbasiya: Marra Magles Mabye3rafsh Rekeb Thawra

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Can any of us definitely say that ennu etkayef [they were truly impressed] by anything the Magles [SAFC] has done since it first came to power in Feb 2011? Let’s see the list of disasters [that at first they tried to scare us with, and ultimately end up to be their own testimony to their failing in every sector of governance]…


The Failing Economy

The Wheel of Industry

The Strategic Store of Wheat

Fuel, Solar, Gas & Mazot


Misuse of Power & State Violence


Management of Public Funds

Placing of Interim Budget

Justice & Impartiality

Upholding the Values of The Revolution

Positive Change in Citizens’ Rights, Worth & Wellbeing

Democratization of Decision-Making Process

Handling of Aid & Foreign Exchange Reserves

Eliminating Corruption

Placing a clear & recognized timetable/roadmap for the Peaceful Transition of Power that is agreaable to the People

Trying murderers of Khaled Said & ALL Martyrs of Revolution

we goona kick yo a$$

Retrieving Smuggled & ‘Misappropriated’ Funds

Hell, we can’t even watch a football match without some heartache under SAFC..


Remeber the amount of fireworks and honking of horns that started immediately all over Egypt’s streets once Omar Suleiman declared Mubarak had abandoned the reigns of power??? Don’t fall into the same mistakes as your predecessor..


If anyone is telling you that the silent majority is -at heart- with you, don’t be fooled, and don’t kid yourselves using some istiftaa [referendum] totally twisted out of any logic or meaning. 77% my ass you clowns. From 99.9 I only see minus 22 degrees of the same stinking BS. Nothing favorable.


Wake up & smell your shit.

And either clean yourself up.. or fuck off & stink up some other country.


That was earlier this morning.. now there’s no taking back what you’ve brought about with your weak conspiracies ya old clown-farts. You better pray none of my btothers or sisters died.. To Tahrir to offer any medical assistance..

  1. Ciao ottimo articolo, grazie mille

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