By Order of SAFC: Ana 3ameel.. Enta 3ameel ?

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Where is the Zionist lobby most active today? Not in America for a new arms deal, or Turkey for less ‘friction’, or even Iraq or KSA for a bigger piece of the black-gold pie.. Today it is most active in Egypt. In the form of the military council, SAFC, trying to brainwash the Egyptian masses into rising against the revolution- in effect, getting the Egyptian People to kill their own future, their revolution against injustice, with their own hands.

And they call the revolutionaries 3omalaa [agents]??!!!

Cabdrivers are always the true thermometer of the state of Egypt in my opinion.. If you know them enough to see through the layers of BS and cut to the chase where there’s real hurt, real concerns and the real pulse of the street walking in & out of the revolving doors of their taxis.

Every couple of rides, you get one driver that will actually bare their true soul. But only after you’re through with the preliminary ceremonial opening BS stories. But even those reveal the extent of how vulnerable the people are to media-conditioning & brainwashing..

For instance, the cabdriver asked aloud as if talking to himself..

‘Ana mush fahim ‘el baltagiyya’ dol 3ayzeen eh?’ [I don’t understand, what is it that these ‘thugs’ want?]

To which I innocently replied

‘El 3eib mesh 3aleihom, el 3eib 3al shorta, wel Amn El Markazi wel Shorta El 3askariyya elli sam7etlohom yo2affu westeehom wi yelattakhu som3et el zobbat el shorafa’

[it‘s not the fault of the ‘baltagiyyas’ [thugs] it’s the fault of the police, the CSF & the Military Police which allowed said thugs to stand midst their ranks and tarnish the reputation of every honest officer in those corps]

…. Silence.

I had gotten the wrong baltagiyyas. Apparently according to our cabdriver, what he was asking about were the ‘thugs’ from Tahrir! We had been elevated by SAFC to full-fledged baltagiyyas, recognizable by any average citizen and who is to be congratulated for dealing with us accordingly.

I broke the awkward silence with my contribution..

‘E3lam el Magles el Askari byeghsel mokh el shaab 3ashan yeqoom dhed el thawra wa yeqtel mustakballu bi edeih..’

[SAFC-media is trying to brainwash the people to rise as a revolution against the revolution and kill their own future with their own hands]

Teqdar t2olli el Magles El Askari 3amal eih sa7 men sa3et ma mesek?

[Can you tell me one good thing the SAFC has done since it came to power?]

‘Wala 7aga’ [Nothing…]

‘Yeb2a badal ma nsaned elli shayfeen 7qoqna w bye3terdu 3ala el ghalat, nemawwethum?!’

[So instead of supporting those who are fighting for our rights and objecting to wrongdoing, we kill them?!]

Elli fel Tahrir beymootu 3ashan ana wenta, weladi w wladak ye3rafu ye3eeshu be7qooq

[Those in Tahrir are dying so you and I, your sons & mine can live with rights]

… bas mahomma kol wa7ed feehom 3ayyez 7aga

[but each and every one of them wants a different demand]

… kol barnameg yeegi tshoof kol wa7ed byetkallem byetlob talab gheir elli 2ablu..

[each program shows each one of ‘them’ talking about a different demand than the speaker before him]

… homma 3ayzeen eh? Elli fel Tahrir dol 3ayzeen eh?

[what do they want? Those in Tahrir, what is it they want?]

They want what they’ve always wanted. The demands have never changed, because the demands were never fulfilled.. I explained.. Through a little list he began to catch on and started contributing more wonderful things the SAFC did not get around to doing and adding to our verbal ennumeration..

…bas bardu mahhu mesh kol 7aga teegi bein youm w leila..!

[Still, not everything can happen overnight..!] meaning that demands may take time to materialize and implying- as SAFC would have Egypt & the world believe- that the protestors in Tahrir are being outrageous with their most basic demands…

It doesn’t get more basic than this: We want the corrupt system to fail. Bread, Freedom & Social Justice. Which of these has been fulfilled?

Like Mubarak held us hostage for 18 days, with his police & then his curfews, to somehow build angst and frustration directed at Tahrir protestors by those who refuse to understand, the SAFC now is using the same strategy and is holding Egypt hostage to fulfill certain milestones in its agenda- either by consent, or by killing. Matters not, as long as they secure those stations in their plan. Honestly, since when have our rulers cared about the average citizens worth in relation to their ‘bigger’ plans. We’re nothing, we’re less than nothing to them, we do not even compute we’re so meaningless in their books. Only as of late, after witnessing the power inherent in the sheer numbers, that managed to force Mubarak out of public political life, to a more shady Modus Operandi, do they now recognize and try to respect this power by not pissing off too many Egyptians at once. Instead dividing them into little circles and dealing with each independently.

They’re breaking up the fabric of Egyptian society intentionally. This should be the worst crime offence by someone in a seat of power- dividing the People. And we’re the agents?!!

I couldn’t tell him of the cyclone that washed me away since my younger brother’s call came to wake me & let me know that all was not well.. I couldn’t tell him how paralyzed I felt reading the tweets trying to get heads or tails of what was happening.. or the numbers of injured in the medics tent in Tahrir.. or young Ayman who literally had a hole in his left temple through which I could see his ocular muscles move as his eyeball motioned.. And how despite many things I had seen in my life it still managed to turn my stomach, and how I was grateful that Ayman could not see it himself and kept a fresh and cheerful demeanor throughout his sutures..

All I could say was a little plea.. for him to try and notice how the council tries to use fear to direct us and to not trust the media blindly and try to figure what they’re trying to achieve between the folds of their logic.. And most of all to ask & question everything.. and not to believe anyone except his own eyes, ears and senses.. TV is not God.. it is not divine word.. nor are the talking heads infallible & omniscient.

And once a crack emerges in the story he is presented with out of his own free thinking & logic, it can only deepen. Until he can see & show others.

Saturday 23rd July 2011

After a good run in the medic tent.. i got a call from a friend and decided to break for a coffee as nothing was immediately presenting itself.. The crowd chanting grew bigger at times & thinner at others.. like breathing.. yet it kept at it for a looong time.. You don’t want to piss off Tahrir

The boy who cried ‘spy’

He claimed he overheard someone speaking in Hebrew & naturally protestors seeing red descended on the accused.. But when they came to their senses they realized that this kid who cried ‘spy’ had almost caused someone’s death by his accusation. ‘If anything happens to him.. it’ll be on YOUR head’ you hear someone say in the video.

No Sir, it’s on the head of every idiot that acted first and asked questions later…

Abassiya at dawn…

The drive back to ease my mom who was home alone.. Hard to imagine that this empty, peaceful street saw all that madness hours earlier…

Just 2 days earlier on Thursday/Friday

@Ganzeer & @PascaleNader Superstars of #Tahrir #survey

@ganzeer & @PascaleNader magi of #Tahrir survey : )

Songs for a Revolution V

Thu July 21 – Sami E. guitar, Zaki cam

Helal Ramadan…

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Children playing in Tahrir

  1. Salman says:

    Absolutely awesome article dude! I especially appreciated and loved the fact that you took the time to translate the Arabic conversations you have with the cabby.

    Would have dropped off the Zionist conspiracy theories at the begninning though – whether true or not – it seemed kinda out of place for this article specificallyz

    Overall great work though. Cheers habibi

    • devangelo says:

      Thx ya bro… : ) as for Zionist conspiracy.. Just giving SAFC some luv back.. As we suddenly become Mosad agents & whatnot ..joining a looong list headed by the Mosad ‘agent’ shark : S

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