Suez & Cairo in Tahrir

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tahrir last night was amazing.. despite all the rumors & psych warfare.. We just waited & waited for the baltagiyyas who must have had some other plans : )

A guy sitting next ot me sparked a conversation.. and through his multitude of stories.. one caught my attention [about a paper allegedly written by a guy responsible for making payoffs for MP Mohamed el Meehy to collect ‘protestors’ & baltagiyyas]

Ex-Helmeyet el Zeitoun MP Meehy buying support for SAFC

Paper details that a ‘middle-class-looking’ protestor is going for a 100EGP for a day’s work

Baltagiyyas are being paid 500 EGP & each MP is expected to round up 500 baltagiyyas each..

Ya balashhh.. Just wanna quote a piece of caligraphy i spotted on a truck driving ahead of me.. 2alaab ya zaman

قلاب يا زمن

قلاب يا زمن



Sami placed the seed to what shall probably evolve to a bedouin tent in Tahrir.. with bedouin tea & his guitar probably on the horizon.. Ahl el Janoub must be represented.. 3ashw el shabab!

Suez made its intro & were cheered on by crowds..

And ofcourse one of the highlights.. Ashraf chanting for over 2 hours to welcome Suez, rally crowds, and create awraeness in a language everyone understands : )

Ya mosheer 3alli el sot law sama3ak te2eeeel


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