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After an intense night of #tahrircinema showing NO to Military Trials testimonies [ #nomiltrials ]- usually of heart-wrenched parents lamenting how thousands have been made to pay & imprisoned for the police/state’s revenge against the revolution. The cops were proving themselves after their disappearance on the 28th of Jan by imprisoning people.

Adly had instated a culture of ‘proof-through-production’ meaning that for an officer to prove hisself then he needs to constantly come up with goods. So slowly but surely it was a matter of time before impressionable officers got used to ‘making the best of each and every opportunity’. This meant more money and confiscations for the Ministry and a speedier and more illustrious career and ultimately more money and power for the officer who plays along.

This saw many framed since Habib El Adly planted the seed in his first days of assuming power over the whole Ministry of Interior. This followed a stint as top dog in Amn Dawla that got Mubarak to notice him and made him Mubarak’s choice when he chose to sacrifice the previous minister of interior- El Alfy, when the Luxor Massacre of ’97 took place. With the number of news regarding the possibility of false-flag operations carried out for different reasons on Egypt’s soil, one wonders if Luxor was not a means to expedite an end [pun intended]..

Usually good cops were sidelined or willingly opted to pursue desk-jobs or a routine that left as little space as possible to face corruption in one’s day- and that, for most, effectively slammed the brakes on their career recognition and advance.

I’m not even sure whether it’s yet safe for a good cop to speak up about corruption and not fear reprisal?

Like the you-tube video of the Bakery-owner who was speaking on the final Friday to rid us of Shafeeq, ‘this is not a serpentine system which ceases to flourish once you cut of its head, this is a cancerous system’ -of corruption that has invaded every institution. The work to clean up must be systematic and fair and allow for amnesty and room for change. And it has to be far more diligent than anything we have seen or have been promised.

After #tahrircinema we set up a ga3da [seating are] in front of the screen as the weather was perfect.. Sami’s bedouin tea started cooking and the discussions were on..

Sami’s blue carpet and its occupants had created a home.

The same also in the blue carpet’s new location in the circle when we decided to move more into the heart of it all.

People naturally picked up on the safety & warmth and it was just a matter of time before the combination of  rich conversations and little cups of bedouin tea drew many a friend and would-be friend : )

With everything going on in the Midan it was amazing to watch how everyone was working continuously to add their own unique touch of beauty to a beautiful midan. Constantly vigilant and doing all that is within their power to not allow anyone to taint our group-prayer.

Thank you ..all you beautiful, magical, holy people…

@fantastor, @larabaladi, Ashraf, Ismail, Sherif, and anyone that chanced upon us and shone or reflected love…

of course special kudos to the Freedom Five : )) and their excellent taste in breakfast joints- the most perfect arabeyyit fuul [Street fuul cart] with hot, hot baladi bread at 6 something in the morning.. The fuul cart owner really loved that we were his first customers

Abu Raef


Sami E.


& @devangelogos

Sad Panda w stencil : )

Sad Panda w~out stencil : )

Wedding in #Tahrir 26 July


Newly weds : )

Best line: ow3aa tza3alha la ta3mellak e3tesam ! 😉

Shayy badawi : )


Zaki.. Sami.. Mona & Ismail & Shayy Badawi

Shayy Badawi & Shayy Koshari

Shayy Badawi.. Zaki.. Sami .. Mona .. Ismail & crowd & Shayy Koshari

Ismail & Saeedi Jokes : )

After getting @monaeltahawy to tweet asking if there is a Lebanese bride out there somewhere destined for him [& recieving replies!] Ismail started an epic joke session with saeedi jokes … hilarious time & a way to unwind after more serious discussions…
Sleepy Mornings

Sleepy at dawn in front of Lotus tent

Sleepy Ismail

Zzzzzz right where he was sitting

: )

 Note: Catch part II of No To Military Trials 2nite at #tahrircinema

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