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I’m sad to say we are fighting something that transcends government & borders. Speaking up is not taken lightly. Any nail that sticks out, gets hammered.

Popular Lebanese musician ShiftZ aka Zeid Hamdan, responsible for influencing many alternative sounds coming out of Lebanon, was arrested Wednesday because of his song General Suleiman with outfit Zeid & The Wings. The song which criticizes Michel Suleiman- once army-head, now President caused Zeid to be detained for hours for defamation of said president.

Zeid wrote on his fb wall..

Hamdan Zeid

Message from Zeid in prison: Dear friends, I am now in the prison of the police station of the palace of justice in Beirut because of my song “General Soleiman”. They are prosecuting me for defammation of President Soleiman. I dont know, until when I am staying in prison. Please mobilize!

Wednesday 2.53pm

Looks like telling the new president to ‘Go Home’ and the reggae grooves proved a bit too much for Michel. Within minutes hashtags #ZeidHamdan & #FreeZeid were buzzing..& hours later Zeid was let go.

Sometime later Zeid wrote another update on his fb wall.. This time it was to thank everyone : )

Hamdan Zeid

I am free now , thank u for your help !



Later Wednesday

This is the video that sparked all this lashback from the state..

This is not the first time people have been silenced. This is not the first time artists or those with an opinion that refutes the state’s have been made to pay for voicing their opinions or beliefs..

I’m sad to say we are fighting something that transcends government & borders. Speaking up is not taken lightly. Any nail that sticks out, gets hammered.

Unless enough of us stick out at the same time.

Other stories have not been as happy in ending. Ibrahim Qachouche sang this song in Hama, Syria in early July …

 Qachouche was abducted leaving work after the weekend. 2 days later he was found throat slit. I apologize for not showing the horrific video.

Another voice that got its share of tuff love was singer Rami Essam, who created a genius track through combining THE chants into a song…

A comment on the video gives this rough translation:

Translation: Let’s make Mubarak hear our voices. We all, one hand, requested one thing, leave leave leave … Down Down Hosni Mubarak, Down Down Hosni Mubarak … The people want to dismantle the regime …. He is to go, we are not going … He is to go, we won’t leave … We all, one hand, ask one thing, leave leave.

Rami also was one of those tortured in Cairo Museum once Tahrir was stormed on March 9th and many arrested. The guyz got their faces kicked in, while the girls got the-now-notorious virginity checks & many received military trials. Some got released later, like Aly Sobhi, who made it a point of love for Egypt to recount how he was first presented as baltagi & shown as such on TV describing the whole scene as a big production, as if he were on a set as army & police & technicians manipulated the story the People get to see… When enough noise was made Aly got released, many still remain.

NO to Military Trials  [ #nomiltrials ]


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