Where the Islam-esque Wave Broke…

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Manazer 11 ...courtesy by @ganzeer


Tahrir Today.

Brought to you by your favorite holier-than-thous; the M Brotherhood and its 2 tuff arms, the Salafists & the Gamaa Islamiyya. Never could I have imagined it would come to this. The SAFC driving a steak between the People & using the ‘Terrorist Card’ to strike the fear of God into the hearts of the world and even its own citizens…

Let’s look at key players:

“The Muslim Brotherhood who were late to join ranks, first to depart and now are in bed with the #SCAF” as one tweet puts it. The MB were always suspected of cutting a deal with Mubarak’s regime in lead-up to 2005 Presidential elections, that saw them allowed in Parliament after having been banned from political action previously. But then once Mubarak ‘won’ the elections, he just turned around and screwed them; with the latest ‘election’/club of Members of Parliament barely admitting any MB candidates.

The MB then were the first to break rank in Tahrir midst rumors-that they denied- that a deal was cut with the Military Council. From there on they were busy bees with meetings, forging alliances and reaching out to the poor, coming up with ideas like bags filled with Ramadan Goodies or kiswet el eid [Eid clothes].

While we were protesting delays & questionable actions by the SAFC, the ‘politicized-movements’ the Islam-esque movements & coalitions [that use the name of Islam], were being very active in trying to leave a positive impression on the biggest slice of potential voters both in cities and rural towns.

You don’t pull off a stunt like driving busloads filled with every Islam-esque down to Tahrir to bump off any liberal or secular voices, if you are intending of being ‘in-clusive’ of any other. Even an Egyptian different to yourself.

Today they came from every governorate to partake in tainting Tahrir with more chains. They were the gateway to this high-testosterone showcasing of extremist beliefs that are in no way representative of the majority of Egyptians. The only difference is that they are better focused and mobilize better.

Many Egyptians may have been trying to delude themselves with semi-believing what the magles says in its media outlets, fooling themselves about what is at stake. Others are speaking about this being positive, as a ‘large slice of our community is starting to speak up’.. Problem is their words are dictated by their religious authorities with no room for free-thinking or logic. Tahrir needs no blind followers. Tahrir needs the creative. And the independent.

Today we realize with the SAFC pitting the wildest cards of the old regime against the protestors in Tahrir, that Egypt is at stake. The SCAF doesn’t care if in Egypt a few or many eggs get broken in order to secure its position.

If Egyptians are to save Egypt we need to unite against all these injustices, against fear, against submission. We need to speak out. Where are the believers in the revolution from all this? When shall we ALL decide to speak up? Or like one Salafi sheikh said ‘should we start applying for visas’?

Ehhh..? mesterayya7 kedda?





Let’s move to Salafis and an excerpt from Acapella I had written during the Abeer crisis. Strikes me how scarily relevant it still is today with the same games being played over and over again. But we’re learning :

The word Salafi lends meaning to ‘he who takes pride in the ways of the prophet and the righteous predecessors’ which is a mere stone’s throw from Sunni [ which denotes someone who follows the Prophet’s words & actions [PBUH] ].

Any good Muslim or believer in a holy book in general would claim to uphold these values and love good over evil, yet the Salafis & the Sunnis have marked out their little boy’s club by wearing these exclusive labels. If only words could speak out against misuse and abuse.

Salafis had a number of questionable fatwas before and during the revolution:

That opposing the ruler and speaking out against authority is a sin [probably as the majority of Salafi leaderships fear any intelligent discourse or legitimate logical debate- one of their most famous mantras is la jidalla fi’l deen, there is no debate in religion].

Most Salafi leaderships forbade taking part in the revolution or speaking out against a tyrannical, unjust ruler. One had condoned the killing of Baradei as he was calling to the opposition of the ruler [Mubarak] and thus instigating civil unrest and driving a stake between the dormant population.

It was known that many Salafis & Gama’a Islamiyya followers were tortured by SS, Amn Dawla, where many of them were recruited as informers and spies for the SS, promoting its agenda and carrying out its directives to create the Egypt we knew and fuel the fear of Islamists needed by the Western governments and tyrannical Arab crony leaders and Islamic regimes to better scare, rule and control their people.

And now that the revolution has allowed for freedom of expression, they are using it against the revolution by trying to create a divide between Muslims and Christians, through attempting to speak for ALL Muslims, in fact attempting to speak for God even. They have insulted the Sheikh of Azhar, Pope Shenouda, the Mufti, Sufis and many moderate sheikhs.

Like many, the Salafis are drunk with power and dreams of power and grandeur, not unlike the old regime that had completely lost touch with reality and the people. You know what they say about pride before a fall…

It was the SAFC that allowed the Salafis to get heady after Mubarak waived his powers to them. How not with the SAFC constantly sending Super Salafi Mohamed Hassan over to troubleshoot every sectarian-charged situation? From the church in Itfeeh to Imbaba and whatnot. With the way the magles was parading them in front of the media, how would the Salafis not feel that they somehow ‘ruled’? With every event being needy of their vision & consultation?

Then came the Gama’a Islamiyya [another militant group branding the name Islam] & the unexplained sudden release of Abud El Zomor & his brother, and their being paraded in the media. All the while many unjustly imprisoned under Mubarak remain in prison still. This begs the question: what is so special about the Zomor brothers that would expedite justice to them and not to others. More so, in a rags-to-riches turnaround, Abud uses the media shone on him by SAFC to declare his would-be presidency on a talkshow.

It is expected that opportunistic hyenas, scavengers and parasites would appear in the wake of the gallant and victorious lion that is the revolution.

The current tensions between Muslims and Copts, oddly enough stem from an ongoing civic Coptic dilemma: divorce. In Coptic faith, the Pope and the Church forbid divorce, except after the crime of adultery. Thus Coptic women have no option other than committing adultery, or changing their faith to Islam to escape a destructive marriage in the system currently in place. Also the church has grown a reputation in aiding the ‘wronged’ husbands in locating the runaway wives, and ‘keeping’ them at church-affiliated facilities, until they ‘come to their senses’. Kamillia Shehata, Wafaa Costantine, and lately Abeer who was the runaway wife behind the latest violence in Imbaba, have all been paraded as ‘sisters’ by the Salafi movement- the Neo Moslems. The Salafis demanded the church release to the DA and the public the “kidnapped” women- according to Salafi claims.

The story of Abeer started years ago when Yasseen the muslim driver met her and they grew close when he met her through his work. Abeer was already married and had a little girl from her Coptic husband. Then at the end of 2010 Amn Dawla [State Security] Forces spoke to Abeer and Yasseen, and got them to concede to ending their relationship, in a preemptive move, after everyone in the village came to know of how close the two are. Two weeks later, the 2 then ran away from their village in Assyut to Banha, as apparently in September of 2010 Abeer went to Al Azhar and declared herself a moslem by officially entering the Islamic faith. It is rumored that she then obtained an urfi marriage with Yaseen [a civic marriage, documented by exchange of written vows between man & woman, and not necessarily letting the government and society know of their relationship]. Thus officially/under civilian documents, Abeer was still married to her Coptic husband, while she now supposedly had a ‘clean slate’ issued her as a ‘new-born muslim’, a slate she apparently did not waste time putting to use.

Though I am for people who love each other to be together, as I am against anyone feeling ‘trapped’ in a relationship because of idiotic man-made rules or interpretation of divine word, I have to admit that this problem is a product of government and organized religions’ procrastination, and a result of their dodging the real issues and not regulating with utmost transparency a clear and just and comprehensive resolution to the problem of feeling ‘trapped’ in Coptic marriages. This would necessitate that they address publicly and clearly the issue of freedom of Faith, and thus stop turning a blind eye towards those that oppress or show violence towards faith-converters, as well as punish anyone that threatens a convert with harm, as has been a major scare tactic by groups that call themselves Islamic such as Al Takfeer wal Hijra.

[Seems liberals are becoming fearful of being just as prone to violence …]

[ Also it is rumored that lately the church let dogs loose on over 200 Copts protesting marriage laws in what became affectionately known as ‘mawqi3et el kalb’ [Battle of the Dog] ]

The biggest proof of religious tolerance became evident during the month when the police vanished as did all security forces save for a few army patrols and the citizens’ neighborhood watches. During that period of absolute lawlessness, not a single church or Copt were harmed, leading us to believe that when left to their own devices, Egyptians, both Copts and Muslims, choose to live in harmony. It is only after we started prosecuting the pillars of the old regime, and hearing of the reinstating State Security under a new name, did all these sectarian incidents start popping up.

The 2 warring factions- the Salafis and the Church Leadership- were both against the revolution, and both received their fair share of rumors of collaborating with Amn Dawla or State Security. The first, the Salafis, stated clearly that it was fitna [social unrest] to protest, and that we should not rise against [or walk out of obedience of] the ruler’s decree, and that for the benefit of the many and the wellbeing of the umma or society, it was halal or legitimate to quash these protesters for rights and those standing against a barbaric system and injustice. The second, the Church leadership, was clearly calling against protesters at the onset of events. But like the Muslim Brotherhood leadership, who also had their youth go out to Tahrir against the express wishes of the elders and join every other segment of Egyptian society, luckily, both of the Church, as well as the MB had turned their public stance around before Mubarak left on Feb 11th.


Bas honestly, if we give these guys enough rope they always manage to hang themselves. As with Zomor interviews. As with any time they test a prepared alliance of Egyptian people that do not usually speak out at every opportunity and are not fame seekers. The real silent majority.

Besides the SAFC have stated repeatedly that they will not back an Islam-esque state.. so the SAFC must still think, either by pact or parcel, that they’ve got these movements on a leash. Think again you ol’ farts. Look at the pact they had with the political alliances & what how they drove everyone away in their show of male-muscle & shouts of ‘Islamiyya Islamiyya’…



You want to hear what Tahrir had to say on Wednesday night? When anyone and everyone felt welcome. When true Egyptian hospitality & generosity was on display? Check out this video of an improvised poetry slam.. with Sami accompanying on the guitar.. May what truth Tahrir brings together, never be torn asunder


  1. bjoern holst jespersen says:

    A good read I think. And thanks for the insights of the hostage-convert-copt-islam background. I wish mediaeval here had managed to pick up on those structural causes.

    My best wishes for your (as in plural) struggle for political rights.

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