Happy Ramadan Tahrir : ( *

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Zaki’s call at 3.15 let me know what was happening in Tahrir. Shit. I stopped in the middle of paying the store clerk to check out twitter..

Absent-mindedly i blurted

‘Fi darb fel Tahrir’..

Everyone in the store turned to face me.. Noticing that I seemed to be midst friendlies I read the tweets out loud..

‘Modara3at [Armored Vehicles] in Tahrir’..

‘They entered Omar Makram mosque with their boots & weapons & they’re beating the protestors inside the mosque & insulting the families of the martyrs’..

‘Random arrests’…

‘Mesh 7ayendaffu ba2a?!’ said one Lady.. [Aren’t they ever gonna clean up their act?!]

‘mafeesh gheir darb..darb.. darb?!’ .. [have they nothing but beatings.. beatings.. beatings?!]

I paid the warm-smiled clerk.. nodded to those in the store & had a brief discourse that ended with us all saying ‘Ya rab !’

I rushed back upstairs to follow what was happening from the office ..


Later on my way to dtown, Maspero was clear as i had heard from the tweeps that that protest was violently ended as well..

Maspero after protestors on 1st of Ramadan

In Abdel Monem Riyad Square there were tens of Amn Markazi [Central Security] green Police vans parked under 6th of October..

Then the circle…

Tahrir 5.15

Forced Flag

More of the same...

MP, thug & Police

He's taking a picture

Then Qasr El Nil Street…


Corner of Qasr El Nil & Bostan

Column of Police Trucks Ready too...

Protestors attacked in Midan Falaki


Mahadesh Yestafezohom [Don’t give them an Xcuse to attack us]

When i arrived the protestors were collecting each other & starting to chant out loud in Midan Falaki… Obviously there was sparks of intimidation from some of the notorios Abdeen baltagiyya that have become identifiable after all that had transpired before… Karim asks every to calm down as to not give them an excuse to get violent against us..


Death threats to us protestors…

Obviously there was sparks of intimidation from some of the notorios Abdeen baltagiyya that have become identifiable after all that had transpired before…
In this particular video baltagi [thug] in baby-blue top has stun gun & verbally abuses as well as uses stun gun.. man in yellow top swears that if they find any protestors after iftar they will kill them…


Knives, Sticks, Stun guns & Death threats to us protestors

After most were driven off by baltagiyya with stun guns, sticks & knives and the numbers of protestors thinned.. the baltagiyya started picking on individual protestors.. reminded me of almost getting kinifed on second day of mawqi3et el gamal when i tried to go in & help medically through talaat harb street.. An old man with 2 bags of bread & bread sticks [boqsomat] & sandwiches for the protestors was being attacked & to this day i cannot remember how i forgot about the man giving me grief about my camera to jump in the middle & defend the old man & extract him & I from the baltagiyyas’ clutch as we walked towards Mohamed Farid as the thugs ate his beautiful donation to Tahrir & teased us about it.. ‘want a piece?’

The same baltagiyya types were defending the MOI & had scared off the real Ligan Shaabiyya & taken their place as ‘The Law’ with the backing of the police & MPs back on night of Feb 2nd.. Same faces, same language, perhaps a similar massacre awaits…

Let’s stop this !!!


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