Kicking Ramadan

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

The true revolutionary is in essence a labor of love walking and speaking against the tyranny of evil men.

I find it difficult to understand how in the holy month of Ramadan we can fool ourselves to being blind to what is right. Consuming talkshows & series & foood..lots of foood. If we are to see a better Egypt we have to get over our greed. And gluttony. And sloth.

I find it hard to understand the ads for oil & ghee with endlesss tables of every food item imaginable that it just looks purely ridiculous.

I have often wondered what it makes poor people feel. When securing the price of a bottle of cooking oil alone, is a monumental issue. I have wondered for years if this would be the Ramadan they rise aginst injustice.

But the painkillers or ‘Ramadan Tables’ [Mawaed El Rahman] -& i bet that the Lord’s name Al Rahman [the merciful] washes its hands clean of most these tables- numbed the pain & gave the poor the impression that their servitude & submissiveness is in fact observance of good faith. When at the most they get a free mediocre meal daily for a month, as they are continuously robbed of every chance of a dignified existence.

But maybe this Ramadan people may have a chance to wake up.

Can you really read the Qoran & not ‘read’ it?!

Wasn’t Ramadan about being true. Real. Humble. Kind. Generous. Battling oneself. Faith. Loving to God and all creation?

Can you really not care about how our ‘paid’ security chose to kick off Ramadan?

If you can then I might as well just kill myself for every believing that Egypt was worthy of better…

It’s obvious that the only true beneficients of chaos, violence & an amplified sense of security alert are the SAFC & the those that held all the keychains to all the chests in the past regime. By dramatizing events SAFC can use that as an excuse to declare martial law. Thus securing its slipping hold as they startegize yet again for a safe exit with maximum gains.

Hell we don’t even know a thing about how much funds & wealth we lost under their governance. And we dare not ask.

We know there’s at least a 10 Billion Dollar decrease in Foreign Exchange Reserves. Someone slipped and the Central Bank declared that we had gone from 35 Bn to only 25 Bn. Soon after someone came out to say that this is in fact incorrect, that the true level stands at 28 Bn dollars. Rumor has it that friendly Arabs made an emergency donation of 3 Bn, so the speaker’s words could hold true.

If Mubarak & his band of 40 thieves have been made ineffective, where exactly is the money-tap flowing to these days? Have we no right to know the true figures for spending and debts & loans made to burden our future? And where they ended up?

Please try to wake yourself up & those around you.

Don’t allow for any more massacres if you can help it.

Do you really love Egypt?

Do you really love God?

This is what our ‘paid’ security has to offer to Egypt…

Arriving from Talaat Harb after midnight.. i scouted the area to find as usual a central command for Police had been instated in front of Hardeez.. with 2 officers running back & forth to the newspaper vendor to check the headlines & report to their high ranks of what the morning papers were saying.. probably to decide whether it would be ‘acceptable’ to use more violence?!!

The number of SS & Military Intelligence & mokhbireen & informers as well as all types of uniforms were astounding.. The Egyptian People are now up against EVERY security force..not to mention the Watani baltagiyya & the simple-minded Egyptians who believe SCAF media..

Besides, where I stood by the railings overlooking the circle in Tahrir I was surrounded by feloul as you can tell by the comments when protestors started shouting ‘El Geish wel Shorta eid weskha’ .. I kept my mouth shut.

But once the CSF & MP started attacking & protestors pleaded with us to jump the railing & come down & join them in solidarity and add to the numbers I couldn’t hold back and over I went..

We started chanting against the tyranny of evil men & for our endless love of our Egypt. The Egypt we are able to dream of.. not the Egypt ‘they’ want to enforce

Many faces of camouflaged army personnel faces showed sympathy for our chants.. Some seemed to have eyes watering & I could almost swear that they were asking themselves what in God’s name were they doing holding arms on the wrong side..

The MP & Police however were just walking amongst us gathering intelligence & showing no sympathy. They wouldn’t bat an eyelid for our deaths if they received the order. And you could see it in their eyes and hear it in their forcedly-moderate tone, that implies knowing some secret and one they were not going to share..  

High-ranking MP officers were walking around spreading more SAFC propaganda of ‘paid agents’ being the instigators of all this.. Serbia, America, 6 April and so forth.. trying to drive lines between us that we crumble of our own accord without them having to make themselves look bad..

The revolution is not 6 April, the revolution is not El Haraka el wataniyya lel taghyeer [National Movement for Change].. The revolution is not Magles Omanaa El Thawra [Council of Custodians of the Revolution] hahahhhaaa..

The revolution is every human being that knows what is wrong with Egypt and has had enough of the amount of corruption, abuse and injustice that is forced upon us to garner control.

At a time when we are getting beaten, abused, arrested & even killed, where do the presidential candidates stand with their SAFC-considerate silence, or their alliances with the capital that ran the country under the old regime?

They’re counting billions in their sleep.

After a lot of chanting.. someone called to prayer .. I arrived to join the final row, with like at least 15 rows ahead of me and the imam [guy leading the prayer standing in front of the cordon between us & the MP forces..

I joined at the 2nd of 2 cycles of prostration, and so after the imam ended the prayer, I got up to complete another cycle of prostration.

I heard the commotion but blocked it out & focused on my connection

After my 2nd cycle [rak3a] I ended my prayer with Al Salamu Alaikum to open my eyes & see that the MPs had moved the protestors back after the prayer ended such that I now became the front line facing the MPs with the guys creating a chain around me as I prayed.

A veiled artist from Upper Egypt who I had met in the circle nights earlier & admired her handmade jewelry handed me a tissue to wipe my tears and the gravel & dirt on my face

The MPs left no dirty tactic in their game book, they stormed those who were praying as soon as they were done..

This is the energy these people brought to Tahrir, following the disturbance created last Friday with the Islam-esque invasion that the SAFC used to both terrorize moderates & the western world at large, in addition to burning the ‘Islam-esque Card’ and nulling any deal that was previously cut with them, as the people will not stand for Egypt to turn into a Wahab-esque Emirate.

Check it out for yourself…


While this is more the energy we try to contribute…


Sometime Thursday July 21st or Friday July 22



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