We Love You Egypt

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized


After Midnight


First off I would love to thank everyone who has contributed to this monumental day. The day we try the first tyrant of many. Egypt continues to shine in history with its ability to dream. And realize those dreams.

People like these…

Beginning of Army shooting & chasing protestors in Tahrir Aug 2 – 10PM

My friend that passed by came with bad news that a common friend had passed in Kuwait.. RIP MM ( ((*)) )

I asked him to drive through Tahrir and we first saw two-star army officers in camouflage outfits running with their machine gins pointed at waist-level [not up or down to avoid accidental injuries], and they were running after protestors & shooting in the air..

Then at the circle i tried to shoot a quick video [snapshots are less arrest-prone] to document the group of protestors being chased towards us and in the vicinity…

Ja’afra Sufi Music – Sayyed Rekabi

With gunfire escalating & my friend having nothing to do with the kind of craziness i’m into we continued as planned to a Sufi musical performance I had suggested in remembrance of MM..

It was a good idea & i could see from twitter that shooting at least had subsided…

Then after the performance & after showing my friend a video from the night before.. I was surprised that he asked if we could go for a ’round 2′ ?!

Sure !

 Dream until your dream comes true…

I don’t think Steve Tyler ever sounded as good to me : )

Keep the faith.. keep smiling.. we shall conquer : )


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