V is not for Vendetta

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized


CSF Hippy-Vans & FlowerPower n All that...


Mubarak’s trial is not an act of revenge. It is an act of justice.

We want to change the quality of messages sent out by leaderships in Egypt.

Evolve not devolve. How high can you aspire, not how low are you willing to go to survive.

Anyone who knows that his words and actions may cause him to be held liable and potentially live such a scene, will force their hand to rule justly if they do not have a conscience to begin with.

That is why Mubarak is being tried.  And every tyrant & corrupt core controlling Egypt’s governance & wealth, both internally & externally have to be summoned as well.

So Egypt can have a future very different from the recent past.

The Mubarak defense & that of his sons comes well prepared with a variety of tools & grifts, playing on many levels of judicial jurisdiction.

The timing- the sudden announcement that Mubarak was to be tried and a continuity between court-cases established, was timed with the onset of Ramadan & the forceful takeover of Tahrir by SAFC, where they now continue their #SCAFsitin for a 7th consecutive day..  : )

Hippy-chucks having a sit-in/ stand-in according to orders...


MP Ranking Officer dishes orders... 'throw flowers at the protestors' !


The production- A stretcher-ridden Mubarak with a canula taped to the front of his hand, and his 2 ‘well-raised’ [metrabiyeen- yea awi ]sons, standing at his side with the more-seriously-implicated Gamal doing an extra skit of talking into his father’s good ear to relay the questions from the judge regarding the DA’s charges.


These charges may be a start but there are endless crimes committed by everyone in that cage and all the people mentioned in this investigation. What is all this selectivity? And are they really the most readily-proven charges, with uncontested evidence? Or are they bogus? or bogus-able?

This is the time for the honest journalists to prove their love for Egypt.

A mediocre coverage without educating the people and making them a part of this trial is a crime that journalists should be tried for!

This is a Ramadan of hard work for the real journalists. Why the hell do you think they chose Ramadan?! They want all of you lounged in front of their sets and food and happily not doing your job of finding out what the hell is going on. That and of course Ramadan shahr el rahma [the month of mercy]…

Most of Mubarak’s defense relies heavily on recapturing the sympathies of Egyptians through trying to appear proud but humanly frail, patient but firm, even quirky and dismissive of the court’s authority picking his nose during proceedings.

But that’s just it.. any such dismissal or challenge of authority [be it the police or any power-heady government officer] saw many of us killed by Mubarak’s men. We are being human towards someone that was never humane towards us.

Playing the ‘emotion’ card & capitalizing on Egyptians’ kindness.

Also throwing it all up in the air by trying to pin blame and share it amongst past officials and those still in power.. Tantawi & Sami Anan & every past governor of South Sinai has been summoned by Mubarak’s defense.

All in an attempt to tangle things in a spaghetti-like bowl of legalities that will leave the judge asking ‘was it the chicken.. or the egg?’

Viewers of this Ramdan soap or mosalsal can choose to sympathize with the character of Mubarak. And be intrigued by all the sideplots and possible outcomes.

Just don’t confuse the production of it with the reality.

Don’t turn it into another spectacle.. like the bombing of Beirut, or Gaza.

These are not just ‘some people on TV’.. This is YOU & YOUR Egypt for fuck’s sake!

Divide & conquer- by dividing our rights, dividing us into little groups to be ‘dealt with’ separately, the government hopes that citizens will ‘lose’ the big picture of what is theirs & what belongs to the government.

We need to be as relentless and as innovative as the counter-revolution. We need to not start easing up once they start making concessions, but instead keep adding to the pressure until one day they wake up to find power wrested from their hands, and a more socially-just system in place [won’t say democracy just yet, but real steps in that direction].

When Sheikh Shaarawy talked about ‘the true revolutionary’.. people miss that he said that ‘once he has risen/revolted against injustice & corruption.. he should then quiet down to build monuments in time’.. Case in point- we have not gotten rid of injustice & corruption just yet, no?

Here is also something else the venerable Sheikh had to say.. to all those sympathizers & the cloudy-eyed for Mubarak’s tribulation..

After losing 7 ½  years of my life over a frame-up by an aspiring police officer keen to capitalize on then-new minister of Interior- Adly’s ‘promotion through production’ plan..  I can tell you what it is like to experience a multitude of Egyptian prisons.. as this case was overthrown by the Supreme court twice before finally issuing me a complete exoneration on the steps of Dar El Qadaa El Aali [High Justice Court] – they wouldn’t even let me into the courthouse for some reason!

This is why I decided to start publishing my book Acapella on my blog.. so people can compare what kind of a prison I & many Egyptian sons & daughters have to face in comparison with the chi-chi ummm ‘detention’? Mubarak & mates ummm ‘endure’…


I apologize for any readers I may lose due to the graphic nature of the events.. but this is real..

This is the Egypt that Mubarak had bred. And fed to Egypt’s children…


For a quick taste.. search my blog for Jail Essays.. it was my first published article once I was released by the Supreme Court for the 2nd time & the criminal court’s ruling overturned.. I hadn’t gotten my exoneration yet at the time of publication.. but honestly I didn’t care anymore if they would send me back.. Thank God I remain free…


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