Scrambled Sufis? Pt I

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

* used without permission

A night of inspiring music and poetry set the stage to what should have been an exceptional day.. And at least in the respect of overcoming our fears of being in Tahrir again, it was indeed an exceptional day…

First the music…

Fathy Salama presented a new track inspired by the revolution in which a munshid [he who sings praise] sang of the revolution.. as did poet Ramy Essam in his blessed words

Ayman Sidki – Percussion
Ramadan Mansoor – Arabic Percussions
Salih El Artist – Accordion
Amer Barakat – Electric Bass
Wael El Fashn – Riq, Tama and Vocal
Mohamed Adel – Guitar
Mordy – Sha3bi Vocal
Mamdouh Sorour – Nay

Then the Sufi-esque sorta-gathering…


Had a quick bite with my mom so she would not have iftar alone and was out the door in less than 10 minutes & in a cab headed to the midan..

Tahrir Aug 12 Iftar time


Started shooting as cabdriver was approaching Tahrir & interjected when he criticized protestors for ‘wanting everything to happen overnight’… The army was using the organizing of the stage as a chance to reinforce their lines of troops in the central circle

 Army Reinforcements in Tahrir as Stage starts playing National songs

Army takes the opportunity of Sufi Stage starting to play National songs to reinforce numbers in Tahrir circle [sineyya] that is starting to be synonymous with Industry Wheel [3agalet el intag].. this goes on as singing crowd doesn’t notice what is going on behind their back… Very MP, SS, CSF strategy & rather disrespectful to the masses singing Egypt’s praise and unsuspecting face the stage

Pt II to follow….

Father of Martyr, Flag & Rhyme

Father of Martyr, Flag & Rhyme


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