Taxi Talk VII: Video Blog

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized




Taxi Talk VII

Stepped into the cab and driver had Salafi Sheikh Mohamed Hassan tape playing.. first he sounded like one of those ‘angry preachers’ so i was like ..’wennabi mish 3assob7.. momken t7ot akhbar’.. [please, not as a start to my day.. can you please put the news on?].. bas all Hassan was saying was stories about Prophet Mohamed [PBUH] which i didnt mind that much.. in any case when i went down at a kiosk to buy cigarettes & whatnot i came back to find that the driver had turned the radio to the kind of hishek-bishek song channel that he figured ‘was more my type’.. ummm thanx for the compliment : (

i endured the tsik-isik till the top of the hour when i asked if he could flip to radio misr.. The tolling of Cairo University clock signalled 9 in the morning.. then the news for the morning of Aug 25th .. and after that came on this radio host who dedicated his show to explaining to the masses what Condoleeza Rice had meant by ‘the new middle east’.. and order ab chaos ..implying all the while that this formative chaos she meant was the revolution in tahrir & America’s sole intent was to instigate the rising of the masses and then ‘ride’ the revolution and steer the masses towards policies favourable to the US.. basically saying Tahrir & revolution were agents .. 3omala ya3ni..

‘Where are you from’…


‘Agda3 Nas’..

‘Were there many protests in Fayyoum ?’…

‘No’… ‘just the police precincts were burned.. they set them on fire’…

‘They, who ?’..

‘Cars came from Egypt [Cairo] & set them all on fire’…

‘What kind of cars ?’


‘Like the jeeps the military uses or like the ford explorers used by cops ? or what ?’ …

‘Police …’

I asked the driver and he said he had been to Tahrir on Jan 28th – Friday of Fury… i asked if he had a foreign agenda or he felt like he was an agent for America or if he noticed any of these said agents while he was there? … the conversation ensues…

Oh and FuckdaPolice & FuckSCAF  : )


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