Open Your Eyes…

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Open your eyes and look within.. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? – Bob Marley

Before anything else.. I as an Egyptian demand respect as a human being and as a living consciousness.. do not belittle our minds, lives, and livelihoods with farcical trials that have been trumped up from their initial stages .. while the corrupt continue to wear the cloak of our revolution…

And don’t you dare hide your dirty collusions from the Egyptian People..

We have the right to know EVERYTHING !

Transparency & Accountability WE Say ! Shafafiyya ! Mas2ouliyya ! 3alaniyya ! 3alaniyya!


What can one say?


Mea Culpa?

Let’s go for another spin on the wheel of fortune playing the blame game & exercising media-muscle?

While the parasites blind us still, enrage us still.. lead us still to reap the rewards…


I wrote this in Sinai while in the company of a family without borders..

So to Sami, Atteya, Noha, Djazzy, Muhmoud, Segal, Iliam, Samai, Roni, Francois, Jon, Ahmed, Ruby, Mamo, Moussa, Eslam, Hesham and Essam, Ruth , Lina, Menerva, Hecham, Ahmed Omar, Ahmed Amin, Clement, Nadia El Hakim, a poet I highly respect [Sherif El Hakim] [and his new book Songs To The Morning Horizon is an absolute must] well as anyone else I might have missed… love our global family  : )

Such a family of friends

Alive and life-giving

Sunlight to the eyes of the blind

Love to the lifeless

Gods to the godless

Lovers to lead you back home yOu

..thus begins the journey…

First after a nice wait at Abaasiya so the bus can stock up on the different papers going to Dahab, Taba & Nuweiba.. we arrived at Almaza…

Daily... with a smile.. another satisfied customer served

Then at a stop in Suez an entire wall fittingly decorated with dolphins and this reinterpretation of Suez emblem…

Suez dolphins

morning bird first greeting..

morning bird..

Bedouin Nadia…

Bedouin Nadia

Sami, Moussa & I helped create a small monument to live through the rise & fall of the tide.. we call it Tahrir.. it’s a circle with thin stones radiating from center to the periphery to support a giant boulder that’s shaped like a giant egg.. Moussa put a weird rock on top.. Sam told me not to worry & wait till first tide.. it fell off & looks much better that way : )

but while it was still there..

Tahrir Circle in Ras - wideview

Tahrir Circle in Ras - wideview

Tahrir in Ras - closer

Many Suns Rising…

New Dawn..Morning Horizon I

New Dawn..Morning Horizon II

New Dawn..Morning Horizon III

New Dawn..Morning Horizon IV

Then my phone while being charged got abducted by the local gang of sun-kisst kids..who wanted to add to my vlog : )


Salem : )


Rabee3..Spring : )


Son of a friend : )


Iliam's friend

Iliam's friends



blaaah 2

blaaah 3

tongue time

they even had time to contribute a vid.. i guess camerawork & directions are Iliam’s : )

As night descended a circle of family congregated for Sherif’s unveiling of passages from his newly released poetry book…

Songs To The Morning Horizon I


Sherif El Hakim sharing generously from his new poetry book…
Sami on guitar..
me behind lens…


Songs To The Morning Horizon II


Sherif El Hakim sharing generously from his new poetry book…
Sami on guitar..
me on shebbaba
Muhmoud behind lens


Part of the family…

Part of Family I


Another part of the Family…

Part of Family II


Early morning … 


Early morning...


Early morning kittens…

Morning kitten wink...


kurious kittens...



Solo cutability...


 Final Note: don’t EVER allow anyone to rob you of your dreams or the chance to be all you can aspire to be.. Peace & Love & Light to ALL !

  1. That’s pretty exciting news and I really hope more people get to read this.

  2. Robert says:

    Very nice, i suggest Admin can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

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