Taxi Talk IX : Facts of Life – Death

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Stepped into the cab & old, obviously ill cabdriver said he had a death in his family when I asked when he could switch from Qoraan channel to hear the news..

It was his nephew.. Mohamed Migueed Abdel Rahman Hamed.. 17 years old

He was a toktok driver from Imbaba.. 3 guys tried to steal his toktok and when he resisted he got 6 stabs in the upper right chest and 2 stabs in the left side of his neck.. then when he resisted still.. he got 2 gunshot wounds in the back..

Taxi Talk IX

Taxi Talk IX Pt.2 

This happened less than 500 meters away from the kerdasa police precinct at 7.50 am.. No one moved a muscle…

Culprits are incarcerated in Khalifa prcecinct after receiving 4 days followed by 15 days arrest orders…

Mohamed the 17 year old had a diploma and was the eldest and supporting his family…

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