Taxi Talk X : Head of kufr in Boston

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


Bearded man.. driving me & a friend to Maadi before dropping me home … into a conversation about the future of Egypt.. yet tried to keep things mellow till my friend was dropped in front of her place.. then a flat tyre which i helped him change.. then his first words after we got in the cab were ‘this wife of a guy i know, her mother was the head of kufr in the state of Boston’ !!

Automatically our discussion spiralled from there…

The crux of my point throughout being that ‘God’ has bestowed upon no human the right to call another a kafir.. and that judgement was His.. and His ALONE !


He also claims to be a member of the muslim-christian dialogue? and carries a Bible in his glove-box for emphasis that he is ummm.. tolerant??! yet knows only the dirtiest of accusations to defile the Holy book he held in his hand just seconds earlier as ‘proof’ of his infinite knowledge and all-encompassing views.. WTF ?!!

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