Remember..Remember…: Hisham Kassem on Ayman Nour’s Arrest

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Abdel Salam Gomaa Pt.I

Hisham Kassem on Ayman Nour’s arrest and how his MP immunity was lifted on a Friday and his constitutional rights both as an MP & as a citizen violated.. then sentenced by judge Adel Abdesalam Gomaa…

‘What is the story that you felt was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, yet you had the privilege of saying it..’

HK: The rigging of the elections.. [Parliamentary elections in 2005]… it was 4pm & we were working on our 3rd copy and Magdy Al Galad walks in with three A4 sheets of paper & says what do I do with these? It was a judge’s testimony to the rigging of the elections in Damanhour…

……….. . . .

HK: …prior to that, we [Al Masry Al Yom] were the first non-governmental newspaper to get an interview from Mubarak.. I’m told he really gave it to Zakaria Azmi for advising him to do an interview with us..

………… .. . . .

6.44’ Mubarak preserving his demigod status Mubarak was helped by a number of events in the lead-up to his elections – Shubra Al Kheima terrorist cell and their attacks in Hussein and Sayyida Zeinab & Abd el Monem Riad, the building fear in the face of Islamists, the terrorist attacks of Sharm El Sheikh etc.. could it be possible that the government had a hand in any of these events? Somehow they rigged events?…

8.24’ you were VP of El Ghad [Party].. whats your take on the whole Ayman Nour fiasco..?



@Noornoor1 : “Hey, he was assaulted infront of both parliament and infront og mogamma3”



  1. …Euronews has conducted a new interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and in light of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubaraks trial beginning in Cairo some of the questions are steeped in symbolism in the wake of the events of 2009..Q Do you think what weve seen elsewhere in the Middle East might happen in Iran too?

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