Taxi Talk XI : The Trouble with Adel Abdelsalam Gomaa pt. II

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

3ala balad el mahbub wadeeni...






The Trouble with Adel Abdelsalam Gomaa pt. II

Stepped into a cab.. ‘can you turn to Radio Masr plz for the news…’

Little did i know it was Mr.Cabdriver who had the real lowdown ; )



0,30’  ‘Big difference between responsible freedom that recognizes the rights and freedoms of others and irresponsible freedom which eliminates the rights and liberties of others…’


1.30’ ‘ Lessa fasdeen.. Ultras beaten up by cops for singing a song antagonizing former Minister of Interior Habib El Adly

2,28’ ‘[Background Radio: 10th of Ramadan City entrance blocked… and Embassy events

5.49’ ‘If the revolution starts again would you take to the streets? I am sad that I didn’t go down the first time round..


6.37’ ‘My Sir this judge called Adel [Abulsalam] Gomaa is the biggest corrupt and bribe-accepting man in the country… He’s the judge that was supposed to handle the Habib El Adly trial…


8.30’ ‘Bas ana bakrah Hosni Mubarak min yom ma misik [I hate Hosni Mubarak from the day he took power.. Egypt is under the control of thieves

9.40’ ‘Police now, their sole function is to protect the corrupt and the VIPs.. don’t tell me there’s anyone from Tahrir in there.. la Essam Sharaf or Essam Erd..


10.44’ ‘isn’t Mubarak supposed to be bedridden? Well I was in the hospital yesterday.. and the nurse tells me he’s having a ball upstairs…

12.00’ ‘[Background: Proccedings of Mawqe3et el gamal… as Mubarak and his trial discussions continue..

13.30’ ‘shoghl ta3rees f ta3rees w Tantawi m3arras.. w akbar mortashi w tager silah f masr …

14.20’ ‘They got rid of Ahmed Roshdi in a second..[previous Minister of Interior that proved popular with Egyptians]..

15.20’ ‘the previous regime was sitting on the pie and dividing it among about 20 ppl.. they don’t want any outsider in their midst.. theft, looting and assassinations ..

15.49’ ‘He [Mubarak] comes out to say that his children have not gotten their true fortunes in life.. yekhreb beit ommak.. omal 3eyyali ana elli akhadu 7aqohom fel denia??! – Hilarious !!! : )

16.15’ ‘What exactly did you witness to incriminate Judge Adel Abdelsalam Gomaa ?… Accepting brirbes.. bags filled with money.. talks and deliberations round outcome of ongoing cases he is handling… ..Egypt will remain in ruins long as there are bribes accepted… especially judges

19.00’ Israeli Embassy again.. Tahrir and everything beautiful people called out for in terms of demands either in Tahrir or Dar El Qadaa El Ali [High Judicial Court] of protests for the dismissal of the DA or the cleansing of the ranks of judges or any other demand was overshadowed by 2 hours at the end of the night at the embassy.. while it may very well have been staged…

20.40’ ‘ibn el weskha baye3 el balad l’Israel..

22.00’ ‘Amr Allah nafiz nafiz.. 7at7awel t7ot 3aleih faramel yabn el weskha?.. [God’s decree has already been issued and you want to slam the brakes on it you mf’er? Sinai & Bedouins & police…

24.55’ ‘Sharm bombings the work of El Adly and his secret office.. falseflag ops

27.08’ ‘we’re  leaving 150,000 get beaten up for what we ALL belive in and want [& waiting for the outcome]… experiencing the revolution by proxy from a self-righteous distance

27.25’ ‘in the last july 8 sit-in Amn Dawla got to the point where they controlled a lot of the security of the midan..

29.00’ ‘Police again.. one time my wife was sitting next to me and amen mabahith stuck his head inside so I pushed him in the face…






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