Remember..Remember: El Mosheer wel Badla

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

How do you tell a girl her makeup makes her look like a hooker ?

Dear Old fart,

It’s come to our attention that you are so delusional and detached from reality that you may actually be contemplating running for presidency. The simple, short version? Getdafuckouttahere ! What a joke- good one ya T’z
W 3ala ra2y elli 2aal…telbes badla telbes boxer..yasqut yasqut 7okm el 3askar

W kifaya w balash n2ool badlet eh elli enta met3awed telbesha… w sama3ni a7la wa7da w nos

Here is the awesome, ummm spontaneous vid titled Yom El Horreya – Day of Freedom? Begad?

The cute & cuddly presnter after showing the footage of the mosheer in a non-military suit, comes up with a most adorable shart in Egypt’s general direction talking about how ‘the man’ in a civilian suit is fit to run Egypt.. Ya m3allem enta sa7i lnafsak? Fahem enta bet2ool eh? w en f Masr kolaha enta el wa7id elli tagaraat tshokh 3aleiha beshakl da.. Rabenna yehdi

In an graduation ceremony speech to Police graduates, Chief antawi says..


Note: notice Essam 2araf clapping profusely at begining of clip

“e7na Alhamdulillah rabbena wafa2na..w da makansh qarar fardi wala qarar 3ashwa2i.. kan fi montaha al s3ouba”

“We & thanks be to God who aided us.. and this was no one-person’s decision, it wasn’t a random decision and it was a most difficult one”

“w e7na egtama3na fi zalik al waqt w akhadna araa2 ba3deena”

“We met at this time & took each other’s opinions”

“wel shey2 el musharrif en kol el magmu3a eli heyya bta3et el magles el a3la lil qowat el mosala7a… bima… kolaha .. kan el qarar La2a, la nafta7 neeran 3ala Al SHA3B”

“And the honorable thing was that the whole group.. of the SCAF .. all of it.. had the decision & said No, we will not open fire at THE PEOPLE”

[Clapping.. drowns Tantawi’s words: And this was the decision reached]


Now lately a new video has emerged.. allegedly of an excerpt omitted from the same address … This new excerpt is of course being presented as testimony to Mubarak’s innocence of giving the order to fire on protestors..

Question: Why was it omitted then? And why is it surfacing now?

Note: This video was posted September 29 2011, 1 day before the numbers expected yesterday on Friday 30th. Another Thursday night gift to scramble the numbers? sound familiar?


“fi zalika al waqt lam yotlab menni ana shkhseyyan.. aw min 7ad menena fil Qowat El Musala7a aw el maglis el a3la lil Qowat El Musala7a.. Lam yatlob a7ad en ena nestakhdem el neeran.. Ma7adesh 2allena istakhdemu ‘l neeran.. 3ashan da shahadet Haq w shahadet Sedq.. rabenna hay7asebni 3aleiha..”

“In that time [18days] it wasn’t asked of me personally, or [asked of ] someone in the Armed Forces.. or the supreme Armed Forces council.. No one asked us to open fire.. No one demanded we use firepower.. As this is a testimony of Truth & Righteousness my master will ask me to account for…”


Is it really as easy as a revolving door between partners-in-crime.. is that truly what Egypt has become.. ?

For one partner to exit the frame/picture, provided safe-passage & unaccountability in exchange for handing over the reigns of power? Do you really think that Egyptians are that stupid.. ?

Wake up 

In any case.. just to jog your selective memory a  little…

e3tesam e3tesam 9 Feb 2011



Night of February 9 2011 – People were willing to stay on the streets or die but no longer live under the same corrupt regime…

What has changed ?!


Night of Balon Theater / MOI Confrontation – 29/29 June 2011




Night of Balon Theater / MOI Confrontation – 29/29 June 2011

One of the unending chants against Military rule & remains of the corrupt regime.. & of course head-honcho El Mosheer..

Question is beysheeer 3ala meen?


Procession to Ministerial Council on Qasr El Eini St – Friday 30 September 2011


Dear Mosheer.. can you even hear what they’re saying?




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