M&M: Money and the Military/Might

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..does't the guy sorta look like Nasser?


For years, if not decades, capital and investors have aligned with Egypt’s Military, of course as theMilitary was the central column and a most important money-generating part of the government that ruled and dictated every Egyptian and Egypt.


Both Egyptian and foreign capital, and investors, and management of institutions, found refuge in the folds of corruption created by the dark and evolving system to rule and herd us to governments’ wishes. Or whoever they allow to rule over us..


Governments [includng ‘their’ Meidia, Security Forces, Military]. Which seem to have aligned in a highly intricate.. complex.. production. Where the whole world is a stage to further the interests of those in power.


Where does humanity stand midst all this?


Wherever it wants to.


As the first light breaks through the darkness we know it’s just a matter of time before light washes over all. A time for stars and planets to align. Such that your shadow is beneath your feet.






“Arrest me if you will.. Night cannot stop the rising sun” – Sherif EL Hakim






That’s why there are thousands out on Wall Street and thousands more taking to the streets everyday.


it’s not about simply getting angry with the injustice of the way it was. we need to focus on what is and how to replace it with something better.. fairer


Today there is news of the SCAF-accused Israeli spy being released and apologies made.


More Lies…


Is it therefore not more pertinent to release an Egyptian falsely accused in the media of spying and all his liberties and rights breached with malice? Like say Maikel Nabil ?


Maikel is on his 40th day without food. The ‘human limit’ placed by physicians.


Tomorrow his case will be looked into in C28 Military Prison & Court in Nasr City


How much longer will we stitch our eyes and mouths shut?


As we run our hamster wheels..


… . . .


It was difficult at the beginning, knowing that there are snitches all around..but soon enugh they organized. Next morning the dynamics of meetings had changed so drastically that the snitches would be scared to speak out..


We organized a whole Ward 2 hunger-strike in Liman Turra. This is the ward that is best secured, being fortified with concrete..Other wards were more hangar-style and allowed air to circulate as opposed to the overpopulated sealed cells/boxes we were housed in.




Ward 2 was the ward that the trouble makers / those frowned upon / or those they just don’t ‘get’ were housed in. Being the most fortified it served simultaneously as an excellent space to house & ‘protect’ imprisoned police officers convicted of crimes. But while we crammeed in numbers of over 40 and 50 in one cell they survived in similar cells housing 3, or maybe 5 when it got really crowded and they were housing a ‘guest’.


These imprisoned police officers would also buy the allegiance of a poor soul in jail- usually a child [18-19] so they can smack him around freely- at the mere cost of a few packs of cigarettes every month- while he does all the cooking, washing, laundry, makes tea and coffee and generally just follows you around like a slave.


Some were kinder and sometimes shared food.


So in the first few cells as you enter ward 2 [the cells easiest to evacuate ; )] you would find these youngsters 18/19 standing at the doors to the police officers’ prison cells, like good, obedient infantrymen [3asaker morasla] while in every other cell people were living with not a space to breathe.


Both them and the imprisoned cops perpetuating a system of lies- the kids just to survive, the cops, to create an air of the same system that had thrown all these prisoners in jail, which shrouded them in an aura of being untouchable- being umm ex-cops and all that- while living out their illusions of power and delusions of grandeur. Even though they be prisoners too.




Over the course of the first day, in every cell, we approached someone we knew we could trust and who was influential over those in the cell and well reputed. I drafted a list of demands that was copied in every one of those powerbrokers’ own personal handwriting if possible, or anonymously if the person could not read or write.


We stated clearly that we wanted the limit on food and cigarettes allowed to enter the prison lifted. For many this was the main means of sustenance as they were visited at long intervals or maybe never again..


How obnoxious to have the poor suffer more, as no restrictions were ever implemented on the imprisoned police officers. Who lived a life of comparable ease- with their boy-scouts standing outside to spy on what the other officers were up to..


So in a way it was the same way the kufar conspired to kill Prophet Mohamed [PBUH] – by gathering an able, influential man from every tribe- but reversed. We were doing it from every cell for something we believed was Truth & Light that needed to be addressed as such…




The next morning none of the cells in the floors of Ward 2 accepted any of the food / geraya [3 pathetic discs of bread a day for every prisoner and a scoop of whatever was in the pot]- all except the 5 cells of cops and those paying through the nose for comforts- which we never approached or consulted on our hunger strike anyways.


The action shook the prison to the core. And they scrambled to lock down Ward 2 as they tried to understand more about what was going on from the imprisoned police officers in the ward who were clueless to the hunger strike.


Past noon these men, one from each cell, who had drafted exactly the same words and demands were summoned. We all refused attempts to be summoned independently.


They weren’t going to divide us this time.


Then when the warden and top officers had to face us all simultaneously, it did seem a bit of an awkward situation that neither us as prisoners nor they as cops knew how to handle. But we had decided that no matter what we should just focus on our demands. That this foot of the oppressor be lifted off our faces. That this unjustifiably closed tap be allowed to trickle once more..then flood the earth with goodness














  1. Sandee Milam says:

    Hello. remarkable job. I did not imagine this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

    • devangelo says:

      it’s an excerpt from my first book Acapella [ if i can ever get it done 🙂 ] pray that the revolution succeeds so i can have the perfect ending to my book

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