Maikel Nabil Murder Sentence

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you stand by as Maikel is murdered today..

Tomorrow others will pass you by as you yourself are murdered.. or violated on the streets- as oppressive as things were in a not so distant past -or worse-a past that seems to once again be allowed to be resurrected and enforced as the way to ‘rule’ Egyptians..

Punishing the revolution

Arriving at C28.. paid the cab driver after an interesting conversation where I explained what was happening and ended with him concluding that “by postponing the trial for a week at this stage.. they are in fact killing him”..

True on your 42nd day of a hunger strike.. another week can be considered pre-meditated attempted murder

Initially I was surprised that the decent taxi driver knew the way to C28 straightaway.. obviously it has become a popular destination since #SCAF were handed the reigns of power

Finding a friendly face I head to Noor to get the lowdown on what was the situation at the moment bezzabt..

…Oct 11

…Sahar Maher arrested for filming and Magdi Kamel detained

I found a spot of shade at the outskirts of the crowd gathered across from the gate at C28 and I decided to check twitter..

perched on a small wall with my back to a few steps that led to the level of building entrances across from C28.. the three guys stood to my left were in earshot..

the central thick moustached figure in dark pants and a brown collared shirt.. the other 2 were in security guard dark blue pants, lighter blue shirt.. The shorter of the 2 [obviously working on his moustache- but not quite there yet] had a navy blue tie draped round his collar.. he seemed totally out of place as was the other taller redhaired guy in security guard attire as well..

They had the air of a medium ranked officer [either high ranking shaweesh or zabet mekhla [soldier that starts as an infantryman and gets promoted to officer status with a limited career potential] and his subordinates..

Man in Brown: Homa el bentein dol elli 3amleen el 7ekaya di..

it’s those 2 girls that are organizing this..

Man in Brown: w shoft el bentnein el aganeb kaman?

also did you notice the 2 foreigner girls?

Brown: T3ala nro7lohom

‘Let’s head for them’.. said the late 40s thick moustached man in Brown

And they descended the 5 steps and moved towards Noor and the crowd. The man in the brown shirt, hands in pockets and leading.. the 2 ‘security guards’ half-a-step behind him with heads tilted forward as if waiting to hear their leader’s next instruction..

I reached for my bag and hit the record button on my phone camera.. headed towards them camera pointed .. for some reason there was a mixup and i accidentally must have pressed the camera off at some point while thinking i was turning it on.. recording or not i had the phone pointed in their faces the whole time as the the redhead security guard whispered that i was filming in the man in brown’s ear ..

‘Khalleeh yessawwar’

Let him film..

And then turned around to face me ..

Brown: Maikel Nabil da gasous w byeshtem fel geish el masry..

Maikel Nabil is a spy and is cussing at the Egyptian Army..

to which Noor automatically defended..

Brown: Ana shoftoh 3al qanawat !

I saw him on different TV channels !

Noor: which one? give me one channel ?! What did he say ?

Brown: kan byeshtem..

he was insulting [the Egyptian Army?]

Noor: 2olli anhi qana ?

Tell me which channel ?

At which point the short security dude with a moustache-in-progress slapped at my right elbow, the arm with the phone. And Noor told them that we didn’t want any friction and to just leave us alone..

Them stepping away towards where they had originally been stood, Noor & I stepped back into the shade and up the steps to perch on a the edge of a wall trying to escape the heat..

Tea? i asked..

No thanks

I went over to the old man stood with a thermos and pastic cups and an open tin filled with dry tea..

wa7ed shayy mazboot

Tea, medium sugar

then back to where i had left my bag.. placed the cup down and lit a cigarette  then picked up the plastic cup and had my first sip..


The redhead security guard was shouting and swinging slaps at someone shouting back

Immediately Noor darted to intervene.. being at a vantage point i leaned over to film.. this time double-checked that the camera was on..

Picking a fight with Protestors C28 4 Oct 2011

Then an MP came up to me and asked me to hand over my phone..

No, it’s my phone..& slipped it into my backpocket

One of the crowd said.. emsa7u.. Erase it.. knowing that already people had been detained for filming..

Mp: La2 ana’l amasa7u

No, i will delete it myself

Mesh hamsa7 7aga

I’m not erasing anything

MP: T3ala m3aya lel zabet ..

Come with me to the officer..

The MP had been stood talking to me from the 5-step lower level.. and as he turned around in the direction of the officer.. i snatched the backpack and head to the stairs that i would need to use if i were heading to him and the officer, but instead moved to the center of the fight that had broken out and separated people and tried to broker peace and prevent friction and escalation that this redhead security guard was bent on..

As soon as we had quietened things down a little.. I actuallythanked the man in brown and his 2 stooges for finally realizing that they look ridiculous and obviously picking a fight with anyone, and starting to walk balk to where they were stood initially as we had initially suggested

‘E7na khalas fehemna shoghl el mokhbireen da’..

We already understand the dynamiks of secret informants.. shouted Noor with his back to them

‘Di 3emarat zobbat.. w dol moganadeen w mshaghalenhom security’

These are officers’ buildings and they employ conscripts as security guards..

I stepped to Noor.. explained that they had forgotten about me momentarily or are cautious to move against someone who was brokering the peace- at least for the moment.. told him I would bounce n blog before this anti-gravitational moment subsided

Noor: SMS me when you get home safe

Sahar Maher is being charged with filming a military institution and think both her and Magdy Kamel are being charge with congregation.

At time of posting Sahar Maher has been released and has a court trial on Tuesday. Magdy Kamel is still inside C28

Update 4.20: Magdy Kamel released, his camera seized and they [Military Prosecutor] will tell him in 4 days time whether they will decide to press charges..

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