Police Harassment yet again..

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Egyptian Eagle

Defamation of Egyptian Eagle through security oppression.. -cartoonmovement.com

it was between 1.30 & 1.45 am.. after a night to say goodbye to a friend travelling to Paris.. i hailed a cab home.. dropped Zaki on the way and continued to Nasr City with my backpack at my feet .. inside stencils and a can of spray paint

On my way home I got stopped at the checkpoint set up just before the traffic lights of Rab3a..

There was Police, Mabahith [CID], as well as Army presence..

 Just after the white taxi crossed the rails a mukhbir [CID detective] shouted behind us..

‘Enta ya batal.. ya taxi ya abyad .. 02af 3al yemeen’

Hey hotshot.. you .. the white taxi..pull over to the right

The driver pulled over closest to the rails as there was a looong line of cars [at least 6 to our left] all the way to Rab3a traffic lights..

The mukhbir a thin guy in his 30s with a thck moustache then came straight to my window..



I handed him my ID in plastic cover and he took it out of the plastic for a closer inspection..

‘Momken tenzel mel 3arabiyya’

Can you get out of the car

I opened the door and stepped out leaving my backpack at the floor of the passenger seat..

Out of the car he now spoke in more of an order..

‘Tala3 elli fi gyoubak kolo’

Empty all your pockets

i dug my hands into both front pockets and came out with phone and keys and some bills in my right and in my left hand more money with coins spilling and jingling on the asphalt..

he searched all 3 front pockets .. he then found something in my right back pocket.. Money and credit cards

with both hands full he pushed the money into my hand causing another jingling of a solitary coin

He felt my ass up and then fnding nothing he turned to my pack of cigarettes.. opening ithe found it was missing only one cigarette as I had just ran out and bought some before boarding the taxi..


License & regisration.. he said to the driver

Had he read the address he would have known I live 2 streets down.. yet still he pressed

‘Rayyeh fein?’

Where are you going?



Looking at the car to our left,  its hood was open and being searched as well as being searched on the inside. The many other cars lined up after it with guys in their 20s and 30s being searched by at least what must have been more than 20 officers and mukbireen and omanaa while the army dudes just stood and watched giving their opression legitimacy… Registering this monumental over-dramatized scene I innocently asked:

“Howa fi moshkela 7asalet?”

Did a problem happen?

He instantly raised his voice..

‘Moshkela ..Moshkela Leih?’

Problem..why problem?

He raised it even further..

‘Howa anta 3ayez ta3meli moshkela?’

Or is it that you want to give me problems?

Further still..

‘Shaklak keda 3ayez moshkela’

You look like you’re looking for a problem

As another detective and more people directed their atttention to us and started moving towards us due to the pitch and tone of his voice, I simply replied..

‘Ana bas2al la2enni 3omri mashoft el 3adad da kollo mel 3arabiyat btetfattish beshakl da 2abl keda.. fa bas2al law fi gareemit 2atl wala irhabiyeen wala 7aga..’

I’m just asking coz i never so this many cars being searched in such a fashion before.. so i was wondering if there has been a murder or threat of terrorism or something..

The other detective older, obviously wiser in a calm tone..

‘Enta mesh wara2ak saleem?’

Aren’t your papers in order?

‘Yeb2a khalas etfadal’..

then just go..

I stepped into the cab, without the driver ever showing his papers. Without my backpack being searched.. and we were just relieved to back out of the row of cars and drive away..

‘3aref ennak anqazteni’

you know you saved me.. said the cabdriver

my license and registration are both expired.. they would’ve fucked me


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