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Jesus and Tank .. 18 Sep Factory Space

First I want to apologize for not posting sooner.. I think Sunday made me physically ill..


Where does one begin.. Well it was Sunday..

At the Press Conference given by Mark Nabil, Bothaina Kamel, Sahar Maher and HMC..

I closed my cameras, took a deep breath then asked Mark Nabil- Maikel’s brother..

The question everyone is thinking yet no one is voicing .. ‘What if he dies?’

It shook Mark for a moment as the images raced his mind.. we were grateful when he broke the silence..

We’ll fight.. we’ll prosecute, file suits and complaints against everyone involved in every legal arena, local and otherwise…


To all you who control the lives and livelihoods of others, who are in a position to offer justice- yet don’t, know that you are damned with every living breath. And you shall be remembered as such.

One name I shall particularly remember is Hamdy Badeen. He heads the MP forces.



29 have been arrested [only God knows what the security forces’ criteria was while rounding up these poor souls] ‘in relation’ to clashes at Maspero.

Wonder how many of them are officers? Oh none?

1 remains in hospital due to injuries sustained [kind of let’s prosecute him before he has a chance to accuse us of brutality], and the 28 are divided across 3 prisons. 3 are juveniles and have been sent to Marg juvenile prison.

One of the men, Amin Mounir, being dropped off at Tahrir by his company bus was arrested. Though he had been at work all day and wasn’t at the protest that was massacred, he somehow fit the bill because he was Coptic.

Those detained for the events at the Israeli Embassy, including minors,[cases 819, 822, 823] had their hearings postponed to Sun 16 October.

Those being tried in Ministry of Defense ’round-up’ had their case postponed to Thursday.

Cameraman and cinema student, Fadi Saeed remains in SCAF custody as Alexandria Cinema Festival calls for his release & chants ‘Down with Military rule’

Abul Maati Abu Arab who had received a 5-year sentence, had the verdict annulled and is to be retried.

Sahar Maher who was put through a military trial for filming an MP threatening protestors outside C28 last Tuesday 4th, got acquitted today and case was dismissed.

2 French reporters from Canal+ got detained again today, they face a trial on Oct 20th.

Maikel Nabil’s verdict of a 3-year sentence was overruled and he is to be retried under another Military court circuit.

Today’s sentence though in outward form carries hope of justice, yet with Maikel’s state on his 49th day of hunger strike known to his prosecutors, the verdict appears more as what it truly is- an attempt to kill Maikel remotely. And with his death- case closed.



Back to Sunday 09/10/11 again..After the press conference I had a bite with a friend [Deus] at a downtown café as we talked about an ongoing art project we were playing with at the moment.. There was someone shouting and as the voice drew closer and became clearer I recognized who it was- a homeless popular character that is seen often in downtown a sack swung over his shoulder, and holding a brick- probably for self defense purposes, while repeatedly shouting the self-same string of words, images and phrases, that immediately make you think ‘he is talking about Mubarak’..

It had become almost expected to chance upon someone during your day that had somehow lost his/her mind due to the system used to govern and rule us. And it was also expected that you would hear someone say ‘ya 7aram el ragel 3aqlo khaff men elli 3amalo fih Mubarak’ [shame, the man has lost his mind from what he’s endured under Mubarak]..

Well in my opinion these ‘crazies’ have a better understanding of which things are more important in life, than say most of the people calling themselves ‘sane’ watching TV and hugging their couches..




As our discussions moved to my friend’s house, we all wondered if we had heard gunshots ring out- it must’ve been almost 6 in the evening.

Later I stole a quick peek at twitter and was troubled to see the hints of a tragedy unfold..Then Deus called me over to his room to look out of the balcony- there was an armored vehicle that was asking for directions..




I was supposed to make a business meeting at 7, on the way I could help my friend find batteries for his analogue Minolta I thought. We were told you couldn’t get these batteries anymore anywhere in Egypt.

Deus tried to convince me to eat something other than the sandwich I had earlier in the day in the café, I accepted as he ordered his molokheyya and me my vegetables. Someone in the tiny restaurant flipped the TV on.. It was a disgrace…

The TV claimed that the peaceful protestors had attacked the Army with live ammo, and that from the army’s ranks 1 had been killed and 6 injured..

I immediately tried to access twitter again.. what I saw bore no resemblance to what was being touted on state TV:


عــــــــــاجل : وفيـــات بسبب الاشتباكات فى احداث ماسبيرو الآن !!!

[Breaking: Deaths in clashes at Maspero now !!!]


Reports of really ugly scenes at #maspero right now. Cars running over people, journalists beaten, this is not right


نحن الآن مشاركين مع احتجاج ماسبيرو. تم قتل حوالى 50 شخص وإصابة العديد من المتظاهرين #freeMaikel #Maspero


[We are taking part in Maspero protest, more than 50 have been killed and many protestors injured]


The army is running people over


مدرعة ساقت بشكل مباشر بسرعة شديدة في وسط الناس، كانت بتحود مخصوص علشان تصيب ناس. ده جنان


[An armored vehicle was driving at high speed directly into crowds, and was steering specifically to run over people. This is crazy]


مدرعة مولعة، الناس خرجت العسكري من جواها و وقفت الضرب علشان العسكري يطلع


[Armored vehicle on fire, people extracted the soldier from inside and stopped beating so soldier can come out]


فيه مصابين كتير هنا والدم مغرق الأسفلت


[Lots of injured here and blood is flooding the asphalt]


Then MPs are first to arrive to help in the violence..


Military police rush in big charge. All wearing helmets, carrying shields and large sticks beating anyone near. #maspiro


أتنين ميتين مضروبين بالنار ، انا شفتهم.

[Two shot dead, I saw them with my very eyes]


خارجين بجثة من عند هيلتون رمسيس


[Exiting with a dead body from Ramses Hilton]


#noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #noSCAF #Maspiro #Egypt


عزيزي التلفزيون المصري، كس امك!


[Dear Egypt State TV –Maspero- Fuck yo mama]



You can say that again.. I couldn’t swallow any of my food and left it untouched as I decided to bail and apologize for the business meeting and drop my friend home safe, before I decided what I was going to do..

Of course we decided to take the long way to his house through Tahrir.. On the way one qahwa / Arabic coffee shop had Jazeera on, but somehow it was the same images and claims of state TV. They were using a feed from Maspero itself to tell the story about the massacre happening at Maspero??!! 

Apparently all the ‘cough’ respectable media entities chose to align with the SCAF version [Copts fired and killed army and injured more]  of the story about the massacre of mostly Coptic protestors in front of Egypt State Radio and Television building- Maspero. The channels that did not use the SCAF version and sponsored TV feed and decided to broadcast their own independent feeds were shut down, like 25Jan TV channel and Al Hurra.

You can try and edit the truth out all you like, but in the end the Truth has a way of shining…



This is CNN’s roundup of events and life under SCAF in the past few weeks..



This is the German News Agency, HAAS report, selectively detailing only the moments when Army personnel were under threat..




And this is a vid put together by journalists [@sarahcarr & @moftasa] covering the protest which started in Shubra, and then everything that ensued.. personally I choose citizen journalism any day of the week…



In Tahrir already small numbers were gathering, though everyone seemed to be directing their silent gaze towards Abd El Monem Riyad, where my friend’s house was.. As we walked towards Abdel Monem Riyad Square, we noticed that the anyone that was walking, was walking away from there and heading back in the direction of Tahrir, cars were turning around as ahead in the distance we saw that crowds had blocked both sides of the road in front of the museum..

An army fire truck caught fire momentarily and a civilian on the scene was trying to drive it away from the crowds lest it explode in our midst..

Everyone was chanting Muslim Meseehi eid Wahda [Muslim and Christian are one hand]


I would later understand the strategic importance of Abdel Monem Riyad Square as the events of the night progressed, but for the moment my hair stood on end as I just basked in the hope created by Muslim and Christian voices united for a new Egypt that wasn’t scared.




Abdel Monem Riyad proved the central valve and most important point for strategic leverage in the area between Tahrir and Maspero. It connects Tahrir and all of its gates to Ramses Street, 6th of October bridge [entry and exit ramps], sabteyya [street behind Hilton Ramses and Maspero], and ultimately the corniche and Maspero itself.

What would happen is that numbers of Egyptians would congregate between the museum and 6th October bridge and then move as a giant body to offer support to protestors under attack at Maspero. Yet as soon as they would leave, the small numbers that remained would be attacked and pushed back by scattered thugs that would immediately emerge and occupy the space beneath 6th October bridge and start throwing stones at us. We didn’t understand who they were or how anyone could be offended with our chants of Muslims and Christians are One? Using stones and molotovs, for hours these thugs that would occupy the area under the bridge did their thing of trying to stop the waves of protestors that were setting out for Maspero, keeping everyone at throwing distance until our numbers swelled enough to send another wave to Maspero, at which point they would disappear momentarily but reassemble just as quickly when the wave had left the shores of Tahrir and Abdel Monem Riyad.. All the while these baltagiyyas shouted nothing..not until more Army reinforcements arrived..

Recent revealed documents state that the State Security Forces used thugs [mostly ex-convicts] numbering over 165 thousand all over Egypt, as this article about these 4 documents addressed to head of SS Hassan Abdel Rahman [imprisoned and being tried for the killing of protestors] reveals.. None of the baltagiyyas had beards at this point..And they carried everything from stones, to molotovs, to swords, sticks, knives.. on some occasions you would see some with riot sticks and shields and helmets


We then went and collected our friend’s wife who was stranded near Talaat Harb and went up to my friend’s balcony on Abdel Monem Riyad and started taping and tweeting what was happening..

NONE of protesters I saw had weapons, it was peaceful, there were people discussing, laughing, lighting candles. #maspero #copts #Egypt


نشطاء: لمصلحة من كم الحشد والتحريض الذى يمارسه الأعلام المصرى الآن ضد المتظاهرين أمام ماسبيرو ؟؟ #Maspero


[Activists: To who’s benefit is the mobilizing and fueling the fire by Egyptian media against protestors in front of Maspero??]

نشطاء: إغلاق كل الطرق المؤدية إلى ماسبيرو وأنباء عن إعتقالات بالجملة #Maspero


[Activists: Closing of all streets leading to Maspero and news of mass arrests]


Just saw a priest spitting from teargas. #Maspero


#Maspero #Maspiro : A day of SHAME for #EgyPolice MPs & #EgyArmy ! Muslims & Copts are #One ! #noSCAF can come between us ! #Masr


أحا ضابط جيش ماسك فى أيدة سيف


[WTF?! An Army officer holding a sword in his hand]


مذيعة قناة خمسة وعشرين بتصوت عالهوا


[25 Jan channel presenter screaming on air]


Dear world our state tv is stirring violence by calling upon people to protect the army from the protesters



قناة الحرة الآن: أفراد من الجيش المصري يقتحمون استوديو الحرةالمذيع يكاد يكون منهار #Maspero


[Hurra channel now: Army personnel storm Hurra studios, presenter almost in pieces]


شفت بعيني أربع قتلي ذكور



[With my own eyes I witnessed 4 murdered males]


#Maspero كانوا بيقولوا احمدوا ربنا ان جيشنا مش جيش سوريا ولا لبنان .. جيشنا اثبت تفوقه .. مش بس بيضرب فى الشعب و كمان بيحرض على فتنه طائفية


[They used to say: we should thank God that our army is not like Syria’s or Lebanon’s- think they meant Libya’s- ..our Army has proven its superiority.. not only in killing its people but inciting to sectarian violence as well #Mapero]


شهداء الثورة ما بيخلصوش😦#egymartyrs #maspiro #oct9


[Martyrs of the revolution do not seem to end : (  #egymartyrs #maspiro #oct9]


انا في مشرحة المستشفى القبطي. قدامي 15 جثة. ولاد الكلب #maspero


[I’m in the Coptic Hospital’s morgue standing in front of 15 bodies. Sons of a dog]


Back at morgue now 14 plus 3 in fridge. 1 body has been taken out cos apparently still alive



During the events of the night thusfar, the plain-clothes thugs had never numbered more than 20 to 30, but had molotovs, swords, sticks and kept raining rocks on protestors that were trying to head for Maspero


Then at some point a crowd chanting ‘Muslim Meseehi eid wahda’ crept up on the baltagiyya under 6th October bridge arriving from Ramses street, maybe due to the acoustics under the bridge the baltagiyyas didn’t notice them until they were too close to manage this new front that they weren’t prepared for.. So the baltagiyyas simply slipped the rocks in their hands letting them fall to the ground as they blended into the crowd and even started chanting ‘Muslim and Christian are One’..



Last Wave to leave Tahrir / Abdel Monem Riyad to Maspero..




Chanting ‘Al Sha3b yureed isqat el mosheer’ [the People want the fall of the chief] and Muslim Misee7i eid Wahda [Muslim and Christian are one]..


towards the end my friend exclaims that thugs are waiting for them with knives and weapons.. she may have not noticed before but this was the case with every wave that set out..



Following that last wave that was joined by the crowd arriving via Ramses street, Army reinforcements rushed past Abdel Monem RIyad headed for Maspero


Lots of EgyArmy troops headed past #AbdelMonemRiyad Sq to #Maspero NOW ! Watch out !!!


#EgySecurity charging towards #TalaatHarb Sq. Sticks, stun guns & mass arrests


Eyewitnesses: Army chasing protesters in the side streets leading to Abdel Moneim Riad. #Egypt #Maspiro #SCAF


State TV calls on ‘honorable citizens’ to ‘defend the armed forces’ and then we see army vehicles loaded with plain clothes? Really #SCAF?


Then the numbers of the thugs in Abdel Monem Riyad started swelling.. and later, something new started happening.. They started shouting ‘Islamiyya .. Islamiyya’


اسلامية اسلامية؟؟ هو السلفيين لعلوها مع الجيش؟؟ #Maspero


[‘Islamiyya Islamiyya’?? Are the Salafis playing this one with the Army ??]


About 20 thugs leading way in front of Army & CSF shouting islamiyya islamiyya


After the Army & CSF arrived and stormed Abdel Monem Riyad, the number of thugs just kept growing in Abdel Monem Riyad Square from that point and it was the last time I heard people chanting Muslim and Christian are One..


Question: how are thugs supplied with batons, anti-riot shields and helmets?


From then on it was wave upon wave of Army & CSF forces and plain-clothes thugs moving in both directions- to quash Maspero, and to quash any numbers gathering in Tahrir.. by beatings and random arrests..


Army using thugs shouting Islamiyya Islamiyya to quash protestors in Tahrir  


Salafi thugs carrying sticks swords heading to #Tahrir & Army let them through. At least 200!


A group chanting “Islamiya” and “There is no God but Allah” holding a bloodied man they caught just passed under october bridge. Terrifying.


شبكة 6 ابريل نشطاء: عربات الجيش تنقل أفراد بزى مدنى أعلى كوبرى قصر النيل الآن


[April 6 Network Activists: Army vehicles carrying personnel in civilian clothes on Qasr El Nil bridge now]


Army & >200 thugs behind them with sticks & shields shouting islamiyya & headed to #Maspero


About 100 baltagiyas breaking rocks & heading with Army from museum to #Maspero


It feels like Mubarak is back .. State TV lies, Violence against protestors and efforts to ignite sctarian violence!


معمر الطنطاوي


[Moamar Tantawi]


الكاتب عمر طاهر : كنت اقف امام التليفزيون و الاقباط علي الرصيف يحوطهم الجيش بينما راديو السيارة يقول الاقباط يحرقون مدرعة و يعتدون ع الجيش


[Writer Omar Taher: I was standing in front of the Television building and the Copts were on the pavement and surrounded by the army, while the car radio was saying that the Copts were burning an armored vehicle and assaulting the army]


Reports that thugs are attacking the wounded as they arrive at the Coptic Hospital. #Egypt #Tahrir #Maspero



Round this time a rumor started appearing that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US was offering troops to protect ‘places of worship’, the rumor would be denied the following morning by US State Department.


… Then the photo that broke everyone's heart..




Army, State TV have incited some Muslim crowds armed w sticks to attack protesters in Tahrir. Some say they r members of Salafi Nour Party.


Then #SCAF comes along and says: let’s take control of the situation..let’s enact martial law ! #noSCAF


#Tahrir Some more chants of “Allah Akbar” People in Tahrir now are with the army the protesters have been either dispersed or gathered


Protesters chanting in Kasr el-einy ” Where r the Christians? , Islam is here ! ” SHIT this looks like the film Agora ! unbelievable


العربية، أسامة هيكل:مفيش مدرعات دهست ناس دي اشاعات، اللي ماتوا بآلة حادة أو طلق ناري، فكرر المذيع ان المدرعة دهست الناس، رد عليه: ربما ربما


[Arabiyya- Osama Heikal, Media Minister: No people were runover by armored vehicles, these are all rumors, those who died died due to injuries by sharp objects or gunshot. But the presenter insisted that an armored vehicle did run over people. So he replies: perhaps, maybe]


Note: These anonymous tweets and RTs are chronological and represent how Sunday evening unfolded- the majority of the tweets originated from others


A curfew was imposed from 2am to 7am


Oh & in case you were wondering what all of this has to do with E=MC²




²  represents moments of harmony between the 2 forces that form the sweet flavor of Egypt, the magic.. the way it makes Egypt shine.. so what you get is more than the sum of all parts.. and it’s exponential.. it goes as far as you can dream

Muslim Misee7i Eid Wahda


 This is an anonymous song called Ma3lesh ma 3aleina, posted March 11th.. 2 days after Tahrir was stormed on March 9th..



 Today was supposed to be the first session of Maikel Nabil’s retrial under another military court. Maikel refused to attend or be represented, and says is shamed by the Letter of Apology that SCAF conspired to get his father to sign.. Read the full statement in ArabicEnglish..

Maikel has been on a hunger strike since August 23rd, with intermittent periods of going without water as well..

Preview of coming post ‘Children of Mubarak’..

So thugs and salafis shouted ‘Islamiyya..Islamiyya’.. and descended even further to shout other absurdities like ‘El Nasara fein.. El Islam aho’ [where are the Christians.. here is islam] – In one ignorant move managing to alienate a large part of Egypt’s fabric.. adding their two bits to the mix of violence, hoping that when the wheels stop they would have won some thing .. not caring that their actions are dividing Egypt into at the very least 3 teams.. Alienated copts, alienated muslims, and those accepting of this BS or hope to profit from it..

By shouting ‘Islamiyya..Islamiyya’ implying that the next mode of governance shall be Islamic-[of course dressed to suit modern-day politics or whatever deals they had to cut to enable them this advantageous position], brings me to my fundamental irk with the islam-esques; they reduce the infinite beauty and compassion of Islam to a few base and cheap and violent demands.

That and the whole ‘Exclusive Heaven Club’ thing- or anyone else that thinks his/her ‘born-into’ label means that they are the sole survivors while everyone else will perish in hell for eternity for that matter.. Aren’t we past that yet? In your heart of hearts, don’t you believe that the good people will be rewarded with goodness, and the evil with evil? Regardless of any labels they may wear on the outside? That it perhaps goes a little deeper than labels, and appearances?

And what can be more sacred than preserving life? And peace? And rights? And knowing the difference, and which is more pertinent at what time? When to make a stand, and when to exercise patience and prayer?

What we’ve seen is that the islam-esques resisted calls to protest on Jan 25th, then started appearing more consistently after 28 Jan ‘Friday of Fury’. Then they were the first to break rank and leave the sit-in after Mubarak left and the new power, SCAF met with them. And since then they have been late arrivals or no-shows for many of the events called to by the vast majority of Egyptians, always choosing the SCAF side of things, while denying any rumors that a deal had been struck

Throughout the days of Mubarak, through the start of the revolution, and till today, it seems that the Islam-esques have been and are most concerned with preserving their gains. Yet despite out-frank distancing themselves from protests and all the demands and shunning listeners for speaking out against leaders, they moved in very quickly to claim the kill, defying the age-old notion of ‘risk nothing, win nothing’..

And through their twisted, morphing logic and religious fatwas, they position themselves as both the true guardians of Islam, and through their calls for an ‘Islamic rule’, they hope to usurp the power of governing All Egyptians..






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