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I just want to express my complete support for Alaa Abd El Fattah in his, and Egypt’s, important battle tomorrow Nov 13 2011. My prayers and respect go out to my Egyptian brother- Mansur inshaa’ Allah ya ibn Masr منصور ان شاء الله يا ابن مصر        

@alaa faces a new court session tomorrow at the hands of SCAF whose hands are already drenched in Egyptians’ blood.. it seems they are of the opinion that ‘what are a few illegalities in terms of prosecuting their outspoken critics’ especially in comparison to their growing list of crimes against Egypt and the Revolution?

It seems we have reverted to Mubarak’s brand of Law; where both the prosecutor and the judge are working against the presumably-innocent defendant- not to mention the opponent bringing forth the accusation and evidence. In Alaa’s case all 3 [prosecutor, judge and legal opponent] happen to be the Military- and ultimately subject to the directives of SCAF one can correctly presume

The fact that Alaa was initially given 15 days detention by the Military Prosecutor, means that if he is not released tomorrow then his arrest may be extended for another 15 or 45 days until he appears before court to defend the charges brought against him..

If Alaa refuses to speak before the military prosecutor again, SCAF may take this chance to abuse him some more and extend his incarceration, instead of simply handing the matter to a civilian prosecutor as Alaa requested in his first appearance- [where he was detained “in the course of the investigation”- ?? for 15 days]. Though SCAF has repeatedly promised the cessation of Military trials for civilians, it seems that this is one act of terrorism against Egyptian civilians that gives them a certain measure of influence and leverage. And one they do not seem to want to actually abandon anytime soon..

It is said SCAF’s fury at @alaa seems to have reached critical mass when he published this article in Shorouq newspaper..

This piece was first published in Arabic in al Shorouk on October 20th. It is widely felt to have been one of the triggers for Alaa Abd El Fattah’s summons to the Military Prosecutor, and his subsequent incarceration. 

Say NO to the military trials used to Terrorize civilians !

Say NO to the military trials used to Terrorize those fighting to realize the demands of our revolution !




Mosireen had put together this video entitled “Maspero Massacre: What Really Happened”…

I’m sure all Christians know that this had nothing to do with the was tyranny and evil, pure and simple.. and both Muslims and Christians were intended to ‘feel’ its implications…











Though it was a Saturday, a weekend day annexed to the Eid El Fitr vacation, the traffic was back from its few days of leave with a vengeance…

This of course gave you more time to contemplate the Parliament candidates’ signs, scattered along main roads and concentrated at almost every intersection. So many signs and so many names and electoral symbols and colors.. in a dizzying meaningless display

More so, when one finds 3 of the more moderate, logical voices of the revolution pitted against each other in front of Mahkamet Masr El Gedida [Heliopolis Court of Justice]: Amr Hamzawy, Asmaa Mahfouz and Mahmud Salem [blogger Sandmonkey], in an obvious waste of potential and a possible would-be elimination of like-minded votes.

Couldn’t they have checked out each others’ programs and decided to back the most able out of them, instead of cancelling each other out simply to set precedent? as my taxi driver would point out, Hamzawy, Asmaa and Sandmonkey are in all probability uniquely qualified amongst the many signs on display.. so the obvious question is why adopt strategies that endanger the chances of people ever seeing these candidates in action, by tapping the same pool of voters aren’t they reducing the possibilities of one of them ever representing the true demands, principles, and ideals of the 25 Jan Revolution in Egypt’s Parliament, to ‘highly unlikely’?..

T: ‘Ya basha dol ba2u aktar mel hamm 3al 2alb.. enta fekrak en kol dol 3andohom barnameg entekhabi?’

T: ‘Sir, they [candidates of Parliamentary elections] have become more than the woes of the heart.. do you believe that all of them have an electoral program?’ remarked the late 30s taxi driver, noticing my fascination

Asdak en fih menhom nas nazla keda, men gheir ma ykoun 3andaha fekra tekhdem el dayra ezzay?

You mean to say that some of them are just entering the elections, without ever having any ideas or inclinations to serve their constituency?

Something as absurd was topped only by the belief that an entity that everyone knows to be corrupt, namely SCAF, can be trusted to ensure a fair and free election.. yeg3al men el fiseekh sharbat

T: Fih wahed a3rafu nazel 3andena f Ein Shams, f ba2ullu ‘lazem keda t7addhar kam sou2al 3ashan te3raf tekallem el nas w teshra7lohom’..

T: There’s a [parliamentary candidate] I know that’s running in Ein Shams, so I told him ‘you need to prepare a few questions and stuff so you can explain to people [how you want to help them]’..

T: La2eitu bey2olli ‘enta faker 7ad byes2al aslan’??!

T: I found him replying ‘do you think anyone is interested in asking any questions even’??!

And it’s true.. I guess, with how hard economic conditions had become under SCAF- along with Esaam Sharaf’s government and the Central Bank’s directives, and not without a little help from Big Money- many citizens are either not interested, do not see a real possibility for change, or will see the chance to accept a vote-bribe and make an easy LE 200 on Parliament Election Day as a welcome breath. With how hard the people are squeezed, how many of the people who believed that the revolution called for good things, have been successfully converted and reduced to accepting this money? Every voter receives a mobile phone with a camera from one of the corrupt candidate’s ‘representatives’, and is asked to use the phone to take a picture of the vote they marked for the candidate- and once the voter gives them back the phone with the vote pic on it, they get the 200 LE.

A few Fridays ago, I was handed a flyer in Tahrir about how to falsify your vote.. the politely non-judgmental flyer was being realistic about the chances that people would prove desperate for that LE 200 and end up selling their vote, and so the flyer suggested a way to keep the money without allowing a corrupt candidate to make use of your vote- a kind of ‘take the damned money if you will, just at least don’t help them screw Egypt further’.

The technique to cheat the candidate’s system had always been there since the introduction of portable digital cams to Egypt’s elections by tech-savvy candidates over 10 years ago, but as all candidates were basically the same, and everyone knew that the NDP would eventually win, there was no need to cheat, as voting itself in fact made no difference. And now today though the parliamentary situation may be sad and lacking and possibly designed to be a circus, yet with the political exile of previous members of the NDP, coupled with the explosion of candidates filling the political void in their wake and ushering in the good, the bad, as well as the plain hilarious, we still find ourselves at a most advantageous position compared to last parliamentary elections in Nov 2010 [which never got to see the halls of parliament and convene one session thanks to the revolution]; in that for the first time most of us can remember, we actually have the chance to help something good win.

Only now once there was a reason to cheat the bribing candidates’ system, did the technique to do so surface..  It relied simply on the voter marking the candidate’s correct box and then taking the necessary picture or proof-of-vote, and then after that ticking many other boxes and disqualifying his vote.

Still, would it not be possible to ban mobile phones from the area ballots were marked entirely? Or from the whole electoral hall/location with army personnel stood at the door making sure no [camera] mobile phones go through, while monitors of the electoral process and integrity can supervise the casting and counting and prevent irregularities.. it took me a few seconds to get lost in my own questions before the taxi-driver brought me back to his friend the Parliamentary candidate from Ein Shams.. and he continued

T: Da 3andu 20 madrassa khasa w 3ayyez yegawwez el mal bel solta.. ye2olak ageeb solta a7mi biha nafsi w floosi.. mo3zamhom keda…

T: This guy owns 20 private schools and wants to marry his money with power.. telling himself that by securing this power he is helping to protect himself and his investments.. [that’s the reason] most of them [Parliamentary Candidates] are running…

[All parliamentary candidates have legal immunity, this was a main reason why people sought candidacy during the days of Mubarak. Also it is not unheard of that Mubarak’s corrupt ministers would throw a few lucrative bones before MPs either to coerce or as reward for stances in parliament on certain issues]

T: 3andak masalan el sheikh Khaled.. ahu dah men fatra baseeta kan 3ayyez yeshtaghal wardeyya 3ala taxi men betou3i.. 3ashan tab3an muratabbu f hay2et el naql el 3am yadob 800 geneih fa mabeykaffeesh haga..

T: Take for instance sheikh Khaled.. now this guy, not too long ago, wanted to work a shift on one of my taxis.. as of course his monthly salary of 800 LE from the Public Transportation Authority, is not enough for living..

T: garabtu fatra w la2eitu howa nafsu gay bey2olli ‘mesh 7aqdar akamel 3ashan el swaqa betgeebli waga3 fel dhahr’.. w sab el 3arabeyya.. w men kam yom fugei2t beeh ennu nazel fel entekhabat taba3 el ikhwan.. w 3amleinlu yofat w lessa dabe7 khamas 3egoul awwel yom el Eid..

T: I tried him for a while till one day I found him coming up to me telling me ‘I can’t continue on the taxi, as the driving gives me bachaches’.. and so he left the cab.. Surprisingly, some days ago I was astonished to find that he was running for these parliamentary elections as part of the candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood.. and they even made signs and banners for him and just the first day of Eid he sacrificed 5 male buffalos..

T: Embarre7 bas2al wa7ed f salat el gom3a ‘Ezzay el sheikh Khaled 3amel el kalam da kollo?’ la2eitu bey2olli ‘da wa7ed kibeer mel ikhwan menazelu 3ashan yefatet aswat fel dayra 3ashan yetla3 howa men westeehom w yakhodha’ .. 3ashan keda tela2i aghlabeeyit elli nazleen dol nazleen 3ashan maslae7hom aww masale7 elli byesref 3aleihom.. mesh 3ashan masale7 el nas wel dayra

T: Yesterday I was asking someone after Friday prayers ‘How is it that sheikh Khaled is funding all of this?’ and found him telling me ‘there’s a big Muslim Brotherhood guy that got him to run to help cancel-out votes in the constituency so this MB guy has a better chance of winning and nailing the seat’ .. that’s why you’ll find most of the candidates running are entering the elections either for personal benefits or to the benefit of those funding their campaign.. and definitely not for the benefit of the constituency and its citizens..

Howa nazel fein el sheikh Khaled?

Which constituency is it that ‘sheikh Khaled’ is running?

T: F dayret el nozha, ma3a madinet badr w el sherouq w keda..

T: In Nozha, the constituency which includes the city of Badr and Sherouq and such,.

Mesh heyya di nafs dayret masr el gedida?

Isn’t this the same constituency as Heliopolis?

The taxi driver now a bit confused takes another look at the signs and canvases hung along the road..

T: Ah wallahi.. tsada2 momken..?

T: By God, you know it is possible..?

T: Wa7ed sa7bi fel sayyeda Zeinab bey2olli en 3andohom ba2a ayy 7ad 3andu 3arabeyyit fuul nazel el entikhabat.. yeb2a m3ala2 el yafta w 7atet ta7tiha 3arabeyit el fuul.. w 3al 3arabeyya yafta Tanya.. nas kiteer nazla el entikhabat di tetsayyat..

T: A friend of mine from Sayyeda Zeinab tells me in their district it’s become that anyone that owns a beans cart on the street is running in these elections.. [an allusion to the randomness and absence of meaningful guidelines to allow legitimate candidacy].. so you find the candidate hanging his sign in the street, with his beans cart parked beneath it as he continues his business, with another sign probably plastered on his cart.. A lot of people are simply entering these elections to be seen & known..

Ommal ra2yak meen elli 7ayakhodha?

Then who do you think will win?

T: El Ikhwan ya beih 3amleen shoghl gamed awi.. w manazameen nafsohom gamed.. mabyakhdoosh 7ad ella elli 3arfeen ennu 7ayenfa3hom w ba3dein menein el folous lel 3ogoul di kollaha? nas kiteer bet2oul ennohom byakhdu tamweel men barra

T: The Ikhwan [MB] are doing a lot of work.. they’re preparing themselves very well.. they don’t just take anyone, they take people who they know will advance them.. and then again where do you think they get the money for all those buffalos? A lot of people say they get foreign funding

Enta 7atentekheb el ikhwan?

Will you vote for the Muslim Brotherhhod?

T: La2 ana maba7ebbohomsh.. maba7ebbish el tashadud w el tazammut bta3hom.. ana muslim w 3aref rabbena kwayyes.. w mabyeddansh adaan 3alayya wana shaghal ella w tla2inni 2omt m2affel el 3arabeyya w dakhel el game3 mesalli.. laken el nas di 7aga sa3ba khales..

T: No, personally I don’t like them.. I don’t like their heavy stress and fanaticism.. im a muslim and I believe I know God well.. whenever I hear the call to prayer I park my car and walk into the mosque to pray.. but these people [Islam-esques- MB, Salafiyeen and Gama’aa Islamiyya] are unbearably difficult..

T: Marra el Sheikh Khaled dah etkhane2t m3ah.. kont 3amel sebou3 w 3azem ahli w ahl merati w ekhwati w ekhwatha w 3eyalhom.. w metgamma3een w  el 3eyyal far7aneen bel aghany 3al laptop.. w la2eit garas el bab byedrab.. fata7t la2eit el sheikh Khaled da wa2ef w bey2olli ‘3ayzak f kelma keda l wagh i’llah’.. fa ba2ollu etfaddal kheir ya sheikh? La2eito bey2olli el 3id milad da 7aram w enni keda baghdeb rabbena w bafsid el 3eyyal w ba3alemhom 3ala el ma3seyya.. khalani kharagt 3an sh3ouri w za3aqt..

T: One time I had a fight with this ‘sheikh Khaled’.. I had a little birthday celebration for my child and invited my family and my wife’s family and our brothers and sisters and their kids .. and as we’re sat together and the kids were enjoying the songs on the laptop, I heard the doorbell ringing.. I opened the door to find sheikh Khaled stood there telling me ‘I want to tell you something for God’s sake’.. so I asked what the matter was, hoping that everything is fine? And to my surprise I found him telling me that ‘Birthdays are forbidden and that I am angering God and corrupting the children and teaching them how to sin.. He caused me to lose my temper and shout..

T: 2oltellu shayyef ra2assa 2al3a gowa w betorqos wala shayyefni gayyeb beera w khamra w 3amal askar??! Somma 2oltellu t3ala henna, enta za3lan leh, howa ana 3azamtak? Alli wana asasan arfudd el 3ozouma w ma2balsh 3ozouma zayy di ! 2omt 2ayeelu ‘ wana ma3azamtaksh’ w 2omt 2afel el bab f wishu..

T: I asked him if he had seen a naked belly dancer inside? Or perhaps I had beer and liquor and was getting drunk??! ‘why are you so offended’ I told him, ‘did I even invite you’? .. Then he said that he would have turned me down in the first place had I ever invited him.. and that he would never accept an invitation to something like this.. ‘That’s OK, coz I never invited you’ ! I said slamming the door shut in his face…

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