We Shall Not Forget

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized


Sun rising over Abdeen..



imagine it... and live it !


Though I was totally against participating in an election that would advance SCAF legitimacy and buy it more time in killing more of us, now I urge any readers to go vote today. Especially after the ballot boxes ‘having spent a quiet night’.

I totally believe that We The People have the upper hand, as we have almost unanimously decided to seek a better Egypt. Thus regardless of our differing personal opinion on the way to get there, as our intention becomes more focused this leaves less and less maneuvering space for the criminal gang instated by Mubarak, and less and less tolerance to projected delays in handing over power to civilian rule.

The Egyptian people are very wary of pushing the envelope too far too quickly. This fear is compounded by a number of things: the fear of uncalculated actions somehow starting a civil war [as has been constantly projected by those calling against a purging of corrupt leaderships in the military institution], fear of moving too quickly and losing ground with the majority of the public [that is still tuned in & brainwashed by Maspero], and simply the general public’s fear for its life.

It is easy to forgive whatever fear or greed propels people to not participate in facing the injustice we suffer, but what is unforgivable are those that become complicit with our oppressors in painting Tahrir in untrue colors. I can understand if your fear prevents your participation, yet I can never understand how some find the heart to label us spies and foreign agents and saboteurs and take the side of our oppressors, which they know very well to be a part of Mubarak’s criminal gang that has usurped both the wealth of our nation as well as the dignified existence of its people.

It makes sense that not all Egyptians are willing to put their life on the line that ALL of us may live free and honorably. Learning Mubarak’s lesson to a t, as this was the preferred method for self-preservation during his rule, some prefer to continuously flip allegiances by backing the side that seems to be winning in hopes of maximizing their gains and fortifying their positions.

It was imperative for SCAF that the elections go ahead as planned despite the massacres & abductions at Tahrir, Mohamed Mahmoud and other streets in downtown. This was their best-possible-defense at a time when their legitimacy was being chipped away with every bullet, rubber bullet, buck shot, tear gas canister and every drop of blood falling from Egyptians demanding freedom and dignity.

Though they were offered ‘safe-passage’- probably along with stolen billions, in February and March by different revolutionary forces- SCAF decided to maximize its use of the power handed over to them by Mubarak.

Though the elections’ results are still to be declared, SCAF has already won; the MB-brainwashed cabdrivers making fun of Tahrir-goers [khalli el Tahrir yenfa3ko –’let’s see if Tahrir does you any good’] to liberals and seculars similarly mocking the islam-esques who are more keen on gaining positions than defending the dying by their constant backing of SCAF.

SCAF have already splintered us into voters and boycotters, and from there further divided into teams supporting the different parties and candidates and mocking one another. And as in the referendum, SCAF has already used Egyptians’ participation in the elections as a trumpet for the legitimacy of the Military Council, and only more blatant and outrageous lies and projections await.

Thus contrary to my initial call for boycott, please if you haven’t already make your way today to a polling booth and don’t allow SCAF to force more breaks in our lines. Fight them in the space they provide, no matter how imaginary and inconsequential. For in fighting them we show our honorable intentions for this great nation, and we send a clear message: We Shall Not Forget.


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