Remember Remember : Mubarak & his Children – I

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..message to Mubarak's criminal gang...



The faster you try to circumvent events.. the faster you race our world to its destiny of Oneness…



We will continue to try and to dream, while others will continue to try and foil our efforts, rig the game and belittle the potential which lies within all humans to change for the better- in fact they be foiling their own humanity, and belittling themselves. But a small price to pay to maintain what they perceive to be elite status in the current pyramid of power.

In Mubarak’s Egypt everything flowed to Mubarak.

As in Libya everything flowed to Qaddafi.

And now Qaddafi is dead.

It’s strange how his life ended in a meat-locker in the local market in Misrata; the crowds lined up to film him with their mobile phones- perhaps the final intrusion by Western technology, before being scurried away to an unmarked grave in the middle of the desert.

Maybe he prefers a Mubarak-ending now ?

Qaddafi’s crimes against humanity are unforgivable- as unforgivable as those of other world leaders who never see the inside of a court room or down the barrel of a gun.

But he is dead just the same. And in a most shameful manner.

Many see it as a divinely timed message for Arab leaders that they cannot continue to kill their people, or ANY people, thinking they cannot be reproached. Actually, it seems the whole world is getting in on it with citizens all over the globe pushing their governments to arrest and prosecute war criminals such as Rumsfeld and George H. W. Bush [primarily for their role in ordering the torture of US citizens- well you gotta start somewhere..].

Do generals everywhere not notice the striking resemblance between the deceased Libyan Minister of Defense with his charred face, to perhaps their own likeness?


Generals - do not try this at home...



You do not own the people you are supposed to serve. You should not toy with them.

I must say that the thought of all these sadistic fuckers having cold sweats remembering their own crimes against their people and humanity, does please me. Yet still, Qaddafi for all his woes had a true nationalist streak- probably inspired by Nasser, which mutated into a befuddled yearning for personal glory or something of the sort, whatever it is, at the very least it saw that he kept Libya free of debt, and not another economic colony like most countries. Quite an achievement in today’s world, ranking Libya ahead of countries like Saudi, US, Sweden and almost all of the world.

How long will it take the rising Arabs to realize how their drives connect to the global #OccupyWallStreet & #OccupyAllStreets & #WeAreThe99%, to catch on to the fact that it is a global criminal ganfg in power that we are trying to topple with offshoots in every nation- agents to rob you blind for their benefit and perpetual prowess LOL- for a ‘little’ fee, and protection of course. How long before we realize that everything that happens here ripples out to the rest of humanity- in a usually slower, more profound and matured global effect.

We can only pray that the new Free Libya remains free and prosperous from here on.. despite any ideas NATO or other parties may have…

As for the change that came over Egypt and Egyptians, that happened both suddenly and over time; suddenly Sadat was assassinated and Mubarak took his place, and over time he filled his pockets, and the pockets of those who excelled in spreading his brand of corruption, as he ran the country and its citizens into the ground.

In Mubarak’s Egypt everything flowed to Mubarak.


10 years on, 1990 was here and the end of his 2nd term in office was coming up in ’93. He had already painted himself into a corner by announcing that he would not run for another term.

Perhaps the only way to continue in power would be if a powerful emergency or event occurred which created a sense of instability, such a sense of urgency that would precipitate a feeling that a current change in leadership was not favorable.. unwise even.

Enter the 3 brothers: Terror ! Terrorists ! And Terrorism ! And their cousins fear and bombs and daylight shootings on Cairo’s busy streets and raids and innocent victims.. The concept of ‘The War On Terror’ had been created. Ironically, only a decade later this War on Terror would usurp the world, and throw its shadows on Moslems, Arabs and toned-skin humans everywhere.

This ‘War On Terror’ was precipitated in 1990 by the Ministry of Interior’s Police Forces, and especially Amn Dawla [State Security- probably headed at the time by Habib El Adly], through two successive assassinations: first off, Magued El Utaifi, one of the leaderships in Gamaa’a Islamiyya [Islamist Group] * was gunned down in Midan Is’aaf close to Ramses Square. Magued was followed on another occasion by the Gamaa’a Islamiyya’s official spokesman Alaa Mohieddin, another soul harvested by the War on Terror.

*This is the same group which brothers Tarek and Aboud El Zomor currently head, released only a few months ago by SCAF, the brothers’ were convicted in the killing of Sadat in ’81. Upon release, on a talkshow interview Aboud El Zomor declared that he plans to run for presidency.  


Shortly thereafter appeared the ensuing toll on all the other ‘normal’ citizens; through fear, and through the disappearing of the little rights and liberties they had with the now supra- emergency-law to combat ‘terrorism’ placed on top of the Emergency Law, which shouldn’t be there to begin with.

Undoubtedly this resulted in a back and forth of violent actions and reactions from both sides, eventually bringing about the designed sense of instability, which in turn called for immediate concern by everyone; starting with foreign corporations and governments worried over issues of economy, investments and neighboring Israel’s security, all the way to the average Egyptian citizen and how ultimately they do not want to be randomly blasted by a terrorist bomb, nor caught by a Police bullet in some crossfire.

Then a stroke of even better luck [or planning] for Mubarak’s chances for a third term- Saddam invades Kuwait and Mubarak is at the helm of the Arab force coming to the ‘rescue’ of Saudi and Kuwait; first by illegitimately passing an Arab League vote here in Cairo’s 1990 summit to allow American forces onto Arab soil, then by sending Egyptian ground forces to the frontlines to clear the way for the American forces, who ended up with all of the oil, all the military camps they want in the region when only months earlier they couldn’t get one base in the Arabian Peninsula. All this and the promise of much, much more.

It is said George Bush Sr. told King Huseein of Jordan frankly: “This matter concerns the oil needed for the future of the United States. I will not allow anyone to control 20% of the world’s reserves.”

Another interesting fact pointed out by former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tareq Aziz, was that when the vote was stolen in the secret session and passed in a majority. When the Iraqi delegation looked at the wording of the decree, they were overwhelmed by the fact that it was obviously written and conceived in the English language. Another obvious manipulation.

This secretly-filmed video was released decades after being filmed.. This is the Arab League meet that Mubarak presided over and delegated the historical vote which allowed US forces into the Arabian Gulf. Arab League statutes demand unanimous decisions for matters of such importance- to enable a unified Arab stance. Mubarak changed the rules of the game saying that he only needed a majority of votes. 12 Arab countries voted for the decision, 8 refused. The then-current Arab League Secretary General resigned after this conference as Mubarak had managed to divide the Arab world in two.





And of course this gets even more interesting once you know that Saddam, who was trained by the CIA to overthrow and get rid of his predecessor, met with the American Ambassador in Iraq decades later only hours before his invasion of Kuwait [The First Gulf War] in 1990 where she was told by Saddam of his plans to invade Kuwait, upon which she is said to have ‘advised’ him not to.

Why such critical information was never shared with US allies in the Arabian gulf countries such as Saudi, UAE and ultimately Kuwait was never questioned, nor was the feeble admonition by the-then US Ambassador, which in a sense amounts to no more than a ‘do whatcha like’, and in ways could be considered an indirect go-ahead to invade Kuwait..

So Mubarak helps catapult Bush senior to illuminati rockstar status with his role in seeing the necessary steps of the American plan to fulfillment [military bases and power over the most oil-rich region on earth]… and in turn the bankers scratch Mubarak’s back back, by scratching half of Egypt’s debt.

[btw.. Egypt has just paid the Paris Club 700 million USD in debt interest this month after an earlier payment of 1 Billion this year.. it seems Egypt is in fact the one giving out aid – not recieving it !]

With the help of all of the above and Egypt’s earthquake, needless to say Mubarak was reelected.

“A referendum on Hosni Mubarak‘s candidacy for President was held in Egypt on 4 October 1993, after he was nominated for the post by a 439-9 vote in the People’s Assembly on 21 July.[1] Mubarak’s candidacy for a third consecutive six-year term was approved by 96.3% of voters, with a turnout of 84.2%.[2]


They said over 15 million voted for Mubarak while over 500,000 voted against, and over 200,000 blank or null votes were discarded.


Then things spiralled to the point where Ministers in the Executive were seeking Parliamentary immunity by running as Members of Parliament. But it wasn’t much better in the previous Parliament as is evident in this quote back from 2009…

 MP Samir Moussa said: “We not only approve verbally, but with our blood,” which MP Aboul Hassan agreed to saying “We are for any mandate to give power to the President as He is the decision-maker in this country”.


…Notice the sarcastic ‘capitalisation of ‘He’ in my transcript : )

Despite Mubarak coming up for a Presidential election in end of 2011, this did not stop 313 MPs in March 2009 from extending his irreproachable status till June 2012 as the ‘man assigned to procure [buy & sell] all arms on Egypt’s behalf [position usually reserved solely for the president].

This was an undeclared hint at the fate that Egyptians were to expect [had Mubarak lived that long]…

That the 2011 elections would come and go.. but Mubarak was here to stay

Below is the Arabic article.. as well as a .doc of my comments to the Editor-in-Chief of an ‘independent’ daily as to the failings in translation…



PA Two-Thirds Majority Authorizes Mubarak to Buy and Sell Arms Until 2012


وافق مجلس الشعب بأغلبية تفوق الثلثين «٣١٣» نائبًا من بين ٣٣٨ عضوا، هم عدد نواب الحزب فى المجلس، أمس، على مشروع قانون لتفويض رئيس الجمهورية فى إصدار قرارات لها قوة القانون، فيما يتعلق ببيع وشراء الأسلحة للقوات المسلحة، حتى يونيو ٢٠١٢..

وفى حين برر نواب الوطنى موافقتهم بما يحيط بالمنطقة من مخاطر، وللثقة فى الرئيس مبارك، انتقد نواب المعارضة والمستقلون، الذين رفضوا القانون، الربط بين الثقة فى رئيس الجمهورية، والموافقة على مد تفويضه فى مجال بيع وشراء السلاح، وانتقدوا استمرار العمل بهذا القاون منذ عام ١٩٧٢، وعدم عرض هذه الاتفاقيات على المجلس بعد ذلك لإقرارها.

وفى حين أيد عدد من المستقلين مشروع القانون، وعلى رأسهم كمال أحمد، ورجب حميدة، ومصطفى بكرى، رفضه نواب الإخوان المسلمين والمستقلون، والوفد من خلال ممثلهم محمد مصطفى شردى، فى ظل غياب محمود أباظة عن الجلسة.. كما غاب أيضًا محمد عبدالعزيز، ممثل حزب التجمع، ومحمد العمدة، ممثل الحزب الدستورى الاجتماعى الحر.

وتمثل هذه الموافقة المرة الرابعة التى يضطر الحزب الوطنى فيها إلى حشد أقصى طاقاته من النواب لتحقيق نسبة «الثلثين»، حيث فعلها ٣ مرات من قبل عند تعديل الدستور وبطلان عضوية نائب الإخوان مختار البيه، وعند عرض القانون نفسه قبل ٣ سنوات، وهو ما يكشف حرص الحزب على تحقيق أغلبية تفوق الثلثين عند إجراء الانتخابات، وما يحدث بعدها من عملية ضم المستقلين لصفوفه، ولم تكن أجواء أمس عادية فقد حشد الوطنى جميع نوابه بمن فيهم الوزراء يوسف بطرس غالى، ود. سيد مشعل، ود. على المصيلحى،

وخرج المهندس أحمد عز كثيرًا من الجلسة ليحث النواب على التواجد، لدرجة أنه وقف مع فريق عمله من الشباب المختصين بالاتصالات بالنواب فى ساحة المجلس وهم يقومون بالاتصال ويعطونه التليفون ليتحدث هو مع النواب، كما حرص «عز» على لقاء الدكتور فتحى سرور، رئيس المجلس، قبل الجلسة مباشرة.

وحرص عز خلال كلمته على الإشادة بالرئيس مبارك قائلاً: «هذه فرصة لنؤكد ثقة الشعب المصرى بأغلبية كاسحة فى الرئيس، وهو ما صفق له نواب الوطنى، ثم تلاه النائب سمير موسى الذى قال: «نحن نوافق ليس بالكلام فقط ولكن بالدم»، ثم قال النائب الصعيدى العمدة أبوالحسن: «إحنا مع الرئيس فى أى تفويض لأنه صاحب القرار فى هذه البلد».

ولم تخل الجلسة من المشادات بين نواب المعارضة والوطنى، فعندما وصف نائب الوطنى على البكرى الرافضين للقانون بأنهم باعة جائلون ويبيعون أنفسهم لجهات خارجية، رد عليه ممثل الوفد محمد مصطفى شردى قائلاً: «أنت مش عارف تقرأ القرآن.. وجاى تتكلم».

الطريف أنه عند تلاوة أسماء النواب للتصويت تم ذكر اسم نائب الإخوان أشرف بدر الدين، رغم حرمانه من حضور الجلسات.. فى حين انشغل نواب الوطنى بتزكية الطلبات من الوزراء الحاضرين.

ورفض النائب المستقل طلعت السادات مشروع القانون ووجه كلامه لنواب الوطنى قائلاً: «اتقوا الله فى مصر وشعبها.. ياناس كفاية كده.. اللى بيحب مصر يتقى الله ويرفض هذا القانون».

وانتقد النائب المستقل سعد عبود، انتشار خطاب السلام ثم الحديث عن الحرب عند إقرار مثل هذه القوانين، مطالباً بضرورة رفع الإنفاق العسكرى المصرى من ١٧ ملياراً إلى ٥٠ مليار جنيه، خاصة أن إسرائيل تنفق ٥٢ ملياراً.

وعقب د. مفيد شهاب، موضحاً أن هناك اتفاقية للسلام لكن الحنكة والمسؤولية لا تعنى وجود حالة استرخاء، خاصة أن حالة السلام لم تتحول بعد لحالة الأمن الحقيقى والطمأنينة، موضحاً أن مصر فى حالة خطر وتحديات تتطلب زيادة التسليح، وأن المجلس عندما يفوض الرئيس فإنه يمارس الصلاحيات الدستورية ولا يتنازل عنها.



With the rise of the George Bush Sr.-sponsored image of the US as ‘Policeman of the World’, came the realization that the position came with unlimited powers. And unless you drew true and fair and just lines and policies, one might cause a lot of suffering – whilst entertaining a self-justified wealth of spoils, in the form of contracts and ‘economic opportunities’.

Also in tandem with the above environment came the popularity of the concept of Order Ab Kaos – a notion popularized later by Condoleeza Rice in a Cairo address, which Arabs picked up on with skepticism, feeling that the West was continuing its policy with meddling in Arabian values and principles.

Though the Western colonialists had left their occupied territories in body, their terms and thus their hold remained, chaining these nations and propelling them deeper in debt- a new form of slavery;  for example by the adoption of the Central and Western Banking system [a form of usury and an explicit breach of the principles of Islam].

Such that today a nation like Egypt after all its people have to put up with, they have also to incur upon themselves the burden of paying over 1.7 Billion Dollars to the IMF in debt interest alone? During the People’s attempt to try and get off their knees and face injustice? Sounds about fair?

Can we ask where that debt went in the first place? What has it done to better the lives of Egyptians?  And why do Egyptians have to worry about it on top of everything else right now?


Now back to #Egyelections fun…







and in case your memory is blurring…


and on the eve of the rerun of the majority of elections in all [minus 4] constituencies.. one of the most important videos released to date…

General Etman of SCAF arrives with Anas El Fekki [former Minister of Media- who masked and falsified the reality of events at the onset of the revolution] to Maspero with TAPE & sync it to play LIVE & ‘make’ history.. As they play the first time and line it up already one worker at Maspero control is seen crying at the realization of what Mubarak’s stepping down may mean.. the counter-revolution is on !








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